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Posted by on Oct 10, 2017 in Art, Autumn, Blog, Fall, Math & Science |

?Fall Fun?

?Fall Fun?

These activities make?Fall Fun?for every one!

Cookie Cutter Prints

Fall Fun Cookie Cutter Printing

Coockie cutter printing is easy enough for toddlers to accomplish and the results are satisfying. It’s process art with a nice product.

Negative Space

Fall Fun

This technique is called negative space art. Also proccess art with a nice product. Children place leaves where they want on the paper, choose paint colors and finger paint, sponge paint, dabber paint, or just ain’t with a brush all around the leaves. Before the paint is dry lift off the leaves to see what is revealed.

Handprint Trees

Fall Fun Handprint Trees

More proccess art with this hand print finger print art. These trees are so nice when done each season and you’ll have a series of four in the spring! Simply paint the arm and hand brown, and  print . The only advice I can offer is to place the arm and hand print lower on the paper. This will give the tree top more fullness.

Sensory Table

Fall Fun Sensory Table

This is the easy part. Teachers just kind of dump stuff in and let the kids have at it! Silk leaves and gourds here.

Teacher Made Game

The best part of this game is the kids get to collect the chestnuts just like little squirrels! Teachers just cut a long strip maybe 20 inches long by 6 or 8 inches wide. Draw little brown circles one for each #. Laminate and it’s ready to play!