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Posted by on Jan 20, 2018 in Art, Blog, Pre-School Teachers |

10 Best Preschool Blogs

10 Best Preschool Blogs

10 Best Sites For Preschool Activities

This list of our 10 best preschool blogs will grow as I come across new blogs. Teaching early childhood is quite different from teaching grade school, or even kindergarten. Depending on the dynamics the curriculum in preschool classrooms changes from year to year. Preschoolers require teachers to have a whole other skill set and resources that they’ll find in a wide range of places. Our curriculum develops, each year, to be responsive to the children’s abilities and interests. Back in the day preschool teachers used magazine subscriptions for printed publications like The Mailbox or Ladybug Magazine.  These days the search for resources begins with colleagues and ends on the internet. Here is this preschool teacher’s list of the 10 best preschool activity blogs:

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs Teach Preschool Deborah Stewart’s blog is my archetype. Deborah’s site is just beautiful! Her blog is inspiring. Her activities are always developmentally spot on. The photos capture the action and depict the wonder she inspires in the children. She has also put together an early learning workshop for new teachers. Deborah is also the author of a readiness guide for preschool teachers titled Ready For Kindergarten!. I highly recommend a visit to this site you’ll book mark it for future visits.

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs   Lisa Murphy, the Ooey Gooey Lady has an exhaustive collection of fun activities for preschoolers. There are articles for teachers; hundreds, maybe thousands of pictures of her inspiring workshops; links to her Facebook page and Twitter feed; audio recordings of past workshops; and a page offering Lisa’s own books as well as books authored by other experts in the field. I highly recommend her workshops.

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs TeacherTomsBlog Tom’s blog is thought provoking. His posts are introspective and inspirational. He’s been at it a long time and the blog is worth a look.

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs Jackie put together a nice site where she blogs about her family child care center. She posts crafts and activities for toddlers and preschoolers. The site has many links to activities, tons of pics, arts & crafts, and she even has a recipes! This is one busy lady, she’s a mom, teacher, and blogger.

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs Red Ted Art is written by another very busy wife, mother, and blogger named Molly. Her site is full of age appropriate activities. Molly produced many videos, photos, and even authored a book called Red Ted Art .  Enjoy!

5 More Best Preschool Activity Blogs

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs Here is a blog dedicated to teachers of every grade. They do offer a large preschool section. There is a section with pages of free downloads. This blog is valuable to teachers everywhere!

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs This author’s name is Karen Cox. She has tabs for learning areas, themes, classroom ideas and printables.

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs  This is a cute blog written by a former preschool teacher who is now a full time mom and blogger. There are tabs for science, literacy, math, fine motor, and parenting.

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs This blog is designed for parents still the ideas presented are appropriate for classroom use as well. This site has many free resources although they do offer a pricey subscription. Very well illustrated.

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs This blog is overflowing with fun activities! Their latest post, a gingerbread theme goes on and on forever. You will find something fun to do with your preschoolers!