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Posted by on Apr 2, 2014 in Art, Blog, Child Care Product Review, Blog, Product Review, Science |

Product Review – Colorations™ Liquid Watercolor

Product Review – Colorations™ Liquid Watercolor

Colorations Liquid Watercolor   These Colorations™ Liquid Watercolors are great! We use them, to re-wet stamp pads, we use them with eye droppers, and to give color to shaving cream and other non-food art media. Here’s a few things we made using these watercolors.

color bubbles   Watercolors mixed with vinegar. Pipettes used to drip onto baking soda.                                        – Science  (acid base reaction)

Liquid watercolor with pipettes    Watercolors dripped onto folded paper towels.                                                                                             – Science (absorption)                                                         

Spring flower stamping  Watercolor spring flower stamping.                                                                                                                   – Art       

 Liquid watercolor rainbows  Watercolors dripped into milk, then dish soap added, watch the reaction.                                     – Science (convection reaction)