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State regulations lay the foundation for practices in child care. These regulations require only a minimum of care in licensed child care centers. Accreditation builds on that foundation to bring programs to the highest level of quality.

Accreditation serves as a process by which child care centers can achieve the highest quality experiences for children. The accreditation process assists parents and others to identify high quality child care.

The process usually begins with centers taking close examination of their own practices and procedures. Centers requesting consideration for accreditation must survey current families and staff as to their satisfaction with the center on many criteria. Next administrators as well as teaching staff must produce and maintain portfolios to show evidence of quality on varied criteria. Lastly centers must show evidence of quality practice in real time with an on-site visit from validators.

There are several national accrediting entities across the country. Each has its own specific criteria. Close examination of each will determine which will be suitable for your program.

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