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Posted by on Apr 2, 2017 in Art |

Art Auction Fund Raiser Ideas

Art Auction Fund Raiser Ideas

Preschool Art Auction Fund Raiser Ideas

These are just a few of the art auction fund raiser ideas that our teachers came up with this year. Our annual Art Auction brought in almost $3000!

Art Auction Fund Raiser Ideas Handfuls of Love  We took pictures of each child’s heart shaped fingers on colored card stock.

Art Auction Fund Raiser Ideas For this one teachers hammered small brads into a 12″ x 12″ piece of wood. The children used rainbow colored embroidery floss to weave this pretty heart.


Art Auction Fund Raiser Ideas  Our city skyline lit up with tiny fingerprints.

Art Auction Fund Raiser Ideas Toy Stories Mirror This mirror was originally designed for a girls room with pink and green stripes! The kids and teachers have transformed it to fit into any child’s play space.


Art Auction Fund Raiser Ideas Seashore  Toddlers were the artist who created this serene piece for the art auction. The sand and pebbles came from our playground.

Art Auction Fund Raiser Ideas Footprint Butterfly Infants were the artists for this springy work of art. The teachers helped a little. The teachers painted the feet and printed directly onto the canvas. The flower pedals are baby fingerprints. Too cute! This piece was very popular.

Preshool Art Auction You Are My Sunshine  It’s always sunny in toddler classrooms!