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Aug. Preschool Themes

[heading style=”2″]Beach •  Ocean • Zoo • Pizza Party[/heading]

Free patterns at Printables!


Two liter bottles with dollar store plastic fish, 1/2 full of water colored blue. You could even dangle a tiny bird with thread tied under the bottlecap. Add tiny seashells and some glitter. 

Free patterns at Printables!

Visit an Aquarium in your state.

Use this fish pattern for any water/ocean theme.

Make two of each in several colors, add paper clip to noses, go “fishing” for matching fish with magnets tied to sticks.

Read The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister, later offer children these patterns along with “scales” cut from iridescent papers to glue on to their fish. Add a google eye and some blue water color paints.

 We’re Going To The Zoo

Find a Zoo near you!

Animal crackers stand up in cream cheese w/green food coloring spread on a Ritz.

After the grass is cut add just a few zoo animals to graze.              

Pizza Party

Gather all your “gredients”. These pie crusts were made from paper grocery bags & construction paper “sauce”.

The finished slice! When everyone’s is ready you can make a large pie on the wall to show off your pizza making skills!

Cut out a paper mustache for each child -even the girls! Write their names on both sides and be sure they only use their own mustache.

Eat pizza! Whether you go to a pizzeria, or make it yourselves on english muffins, pizza is what makes a pizza party fun!