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April Themes


April Fool’s Day • Earth Day • Shadows • Rain • Rainbows Eggs & Bunnies

April Fool’s Day

Brownies Anyone? April Fools 😉 Brown E’s Brownies anyone? Make that Brown “E’s”! In our preschool classroom the first week of April is “crazy” week! I know it’s not PC but for lack of a more descriptive term we call it crazy. We have Mismatched Day, Backwards Day, Crazy Hair Day, and Yes Day!

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Earth Day Young children might not know the name of our planet or that there are other planets. So teach them! Children are very interested in maps and most 3’s can get the “we are here” concept.

Earth Earth Painting Earth 2 Earth

Earth Dance by Joanne Ryder
Introduce keeping the planet clean and help the understanding by taking the children outside to clean up the earth. With young children you’ll want teachers to carry trash bags. Monitor what the children pick up – no glass, cigarette butts…children should ask teachers to pick up these items.


Telescope Fun Telescope Telescope We know they’re not going to see anything, it’s the process not the product! Just be sure they don’t point it at the sun! I hang a poster of the planets, we point our telescope at that and ask the kids if they can find Saturn or Neptune.

This great telescopes is truly designed just for young children. For use in preschool classrooms, fancy expensive telescopes aren’t necessary. This one includes a journal and cool science experiences. This telescope is decorated with moons, stars, and planets. The moon scope, with 18x to 90x magnification, comes with moon filter and tripod. Kids will love this!

Rocketships! Roll const. paper around paper towel tube Add buttons or colored macaroni glue around top edge of tubes Add painted cone cups to top of tubes Blast Off

More Rocketships! Shape Rockets! These shape rockets start out as name puzzles and quickly become rocketships! Start with construction paper squares programed with each child’s name. Children glue them down in order. Add a triangle to the top and one on either side. A flame of glitter at the base and its Blast off! Oh add some foil stars too!

Shadows You can do this with any large bright flashlight or even a lamp with the shade off. Just darken the room and have the children stand about 3-4 ft from a plain wall with the light behind them. What fun!

shadow Shadows image

BY ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,
And what can be the use of him is more than I can see.
He is very, very like me from the heels up to the head;
And I see him jump before me, when I jump into my bed.
The funniest thing about him is the way he likes to grow—
Not at all like proper children, which is always very slow;
For he sometimes shoots up taller like an india-rubber ball,
And he sometimes gets so little that there’s none of him at all.
He hasn’t got a notion of how children ought to play,
And can only make a fool of me in every sort of way.
He stays so close beside me, he’s a coward you can see;
I’d think shame to stick to nursie as that shadow sticks to me!
One morning, very early, before the sun was up,
I rose and found the shining dew on every buttercup;
But my lazy little shadow, like an arrant sleepy-head,
Had stayed at home behind me and was fast asleep in bed.
Source: The Golden Book of Poetry (1947)


We Can Make A Rainbow This is all you need Mosaic Rainbow rainbow of tissue paper
Start with a template of 6 colors. Cut squares of tissue or construction paper. And glue, glue, glue!
Turn On The Sun And Bring On The Rain…

Eggs & Bunnies Colorful Eggs
Plastic eggs dipped in matching paint Tissue paper & vinegar on lg egg
Dye Eggs Tissue & Vinegar

Eggs In The Sensory Table Hide Eggs in Plain Sight
Eggs In Sensory Table Hide Eggs In Plain Sight

Colorful Bunnies
Rabbit Ears
Beautiful glowing eggs. Not so much. Glow Stick Easter Eggs (Fail) nMy first mistake was not checking to see if the bracelet glow sticks would fit in the eggs. The smaller eggs had to be taped shut. The second problem was the eggs were too opaque. A few eggs we had on hand were transparent enough but it wasn’t very impressive
Colored Eggs
Shaving Cream & Food Color Roll eggs in and let stand for 3-4 minutes

…and then this happened
Pinterest Glowing Eggs

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Back To School ⚠️🚍

Back To School ⚠️🚍

Welcome Back To School!

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Some move into the new year with enthusiasm and excitement. Others start the year kicking and screaming. These are the teachers I’m talking about here!   Welcome back to school everyone!

These are some of the books we’ll read with this theme.

Back To School Bulletin Board We start the year with simple art projects that involve a few easy steps. Our room has a huge bulletin board so we turn it into a road and pin up school buses personalized with each child’s picture.

Back To School Bulletin Board  Drive your bus through a puddle…of paint. Use any color you like. Now make tracks on your bus! We’ve always stuck with black but I might try giving choices this year. I’ll update this with colorful pics if it goes well. If it goes poorly you’ll never know! lol

image Wheels on the bus 🎶  Put the wheels on the bus. With a dab of glue. This is many children’s first experience with glue so expect come big puddles.

image  Now add the driver to the front of the bus. Each child adds their photo to their bus.

Finished  🎶 The Wheels On the bus🎶

Here’s a fun (Dubstep Remix) version of Wheels On The Bus By DJ Hans Solo



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How Preschool Teachers Get Kids To Nap

How Preschool Teachers Get Kids To Nap

I hear it every year. “How do you get kids to nap? He doesn’t do that for us at home.” Children in group care are expected help at clean up time, clear their own lunch and snack, set up their own cot with blanket and bear, even perform classroom jobs. I always complement parents with my reply…”It shows he’s been listening to you. He knows what you expect from him when he’s away from home.”

Make Your Expectations Clear

It’s all about our expectations. A seasoned teacher and mentor of mine (even if she didn’t know it) used to say that “Children will rise to meet our expectations.” I’ve come to see its true.

This is as true at nap time as it is throughout the day. Parents often don’t think their child will nap at school. With the different surroundings, different routines, parents often are apprehensive about nap time. The best teachers aprroach nap time with high expectations for each child. Our expectations will evolve throughout the year with the children’s growth and development.

Will all children nap? Not every day, but all of the children will rest their bodies and have some down time. Teachers want their children to be successful all throughout their day. A can-do attitude is as important at nap time as any other time of day. This is what parents need to know.

Nap time is planned for just as circle time or morning meeting is. We put as much thought into nap time as other parts of the children’s day. We put their cots out with thought as to who will likely talk and play together, who can tolerate the door opening when teachers come and go covering each other’s break, which children need to be in the darkest spot, etc.

Teachers implement their nap time plan, give the plan time for children to assimilate, asses what works and what’s not working, make changes as needed.

First Things First

First, we expect children to be active. Active playground/gym time is so important for developing body’s and minds. Even in the middle of winter bundle them (and you) up and get outside! When it’s too cold to go outside kids will still need active play. Teachers know how to integrate active play into each day’s plan. So now that the kids (and you) are worn out it’s time to think about the next step.

Routine, Routine, Routine.

Children do best when they know what to expect next. Just as with the other parts of their day a set routine that rarely changes will help every child succeed. Just as we advise parents to make bed time very routine we do the same with nap time. Read a story, put on quiet music, and EVERYONE GOES POTTY! lol

One of the best blog posts I’ve seen on the topic of preschool nap time is Vanessa Levin does an interview with the blogger from that is great.

We begin with a clam, relaxed transition. “Put your blankets on your cots then meet me in the book area.” Read a quick, calming story, or some deep breathing exercises, release children in small groups.

It’s helpful at the start of the new year that each of the children get a little one on one at nap time. This lets them know you care about their nap, if it’s important to you it will become important to them. Maybe tuck each child in with a quick “Snug as a bug in a rug.” or “Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” This might be more than some of your children get before bedtime at home. Toddlers obviously will need more (and earlier) nap than 3’s or 4’s.

Some teachers introduce chapter books at nap so children use their imaginations rather than illustrations. Still other teachers use books on tape or cd but again no book, just listen. Whatever routine you decide on keep it simple and keep it the same. Some states regulate how long of a nap time must be offered but generally 2 hours is the maximum.

Tips and Advice

  • Just as kids who help grow and cook their own meals are more likely to eat the meal, kids who set up their own cots will be more likely to rest.
  • Teachers give each child a moment to tuck in and say sleep well.
  • Dim the lights put on quiet (classical) music. Choose music that is exclusive to naptime, it’ll be an audio cue to sleep.
  • Teach naptime skills. Roll play if it’s difficult.
  • Follow children’s developmental abilities. Start at the beginning of the year with shorter books, longer one on one, backs rubbed. Later in the year longer chapter books, quicker tucking in.
  • Plan for non-resters. Quiet bins, small flannel boards, books will come in handy. Oxy-moron: naptime activities.  😉
  • Check state regulations for nap time requirements. Some require 2 hours of nap time daily, others only require 15 minutes of rest to be offered.
  • Stay present while busying yourself. Children know you you are still observing them while you get work done.
  • When nap is over wake the children calmly and individually. Turn the lights on last!
  • Check out my other posts on the topic of sleep herehere, and here.

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Preschool Father’s Day Gifts

Preschool Father’s Day Gifts

In in honor of our awesome dads here are a few of the nice Preschool Father’s Day Gifts our kids have made over the years.

Picture Frames

image  This cute picture frame holds a photo of Dad’s little kiddo wearing an apron, cooking hot dogs on the play grill, just like Daddy!

Preschool Father's Day Gifts  This picture frame holds a pic of Daddy’s little bidding artist.

Preschool Father's Day Gifts  “I Love You To Pieces” will be the saying on the card that accompanies this gift. Inside the container we’ll put in couple fun snack size Reece’s Pieces bags. Love you Dad!


Dad Rocks  Dad Rocks! These cute picture holders will be so nice on Daddy’s desk.

Preschool Father's Day Gifts  My Dad Can Fix Anything! This cute little hand print holds the nuts and bolts for Dad’s next project.


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