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Posted by on Mar 24, 2019 in April, April Fool's Day, April Themes, Blog, Easter |

April Fools Day

April Fools Day

Turn April Fools Day into a whole week of fun! Your preschoolers will be amazed when they open their bananas at breakfast and they’re already sliced! ?This does take some prep work so if you have lots of kiddos for breakfast you might need to do this the night before. Watch how it’s done. has some very cute things preschool teachers can modify for fun in their class.

Brownies anyone?  Make that brown E’s! Later in the day offer brownies for a special snack time treat. Present them to the children and watch their faces as they reach for brown E’s! Of course, you’ll have actual brownies waiting for them. lol

April Fools ;) Brown E's

Backwards Day

This is lots of fun for the kiddos. Try running circle time backwards, sing your greeting song last, play your games first. You’ll know what works for your room.

Backwards Day    Backwards Day

Your little ones will be fooled when they wake from nap and all the chairs are turned backwards at the tables! If you can make it happen eat snack with the children’s backs to the tables. Backwards Day!

Wacky Wednesday

Wear your socks mismatched like these kiddos at

Wacky Wednesday

Crazy Hair Day

Teachers and kiddos will have fun with this. Make your hair as crazy as you dare! Please don’t post the pics of teachers (or kids) anywhere public!! lol There are a couple of fun books to read on crazy hair day.

Yes Day!

This is the day to give them what they want! Have a party, eat ice cream, or make smoothies. If your kiddos are old enough bring our balloons,  if not how about bubbles?  Make it a festive day. Say “Yes!” as much as you can. Remind the kiddos to say yes when they can as well. You could turn it into a kindness lesson. Its a day to review rhyming words, opposites, and matching concepts. Have a great week!

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Posted by on Mar 10, 2019 in Art, Fund Raising |

Children’s Art Auction

Children’s Art Auction

For many centers fund raising is a means to getting much needed equipment or special  supplies. A Children’s Art Auction is a fancy affair where parents gather and have a silent auction. One hundred percent of the proceeds can go to the center if there are no other charitable entities involved.


Each classroom creates a masterpiece to be auctioned off. Many of the items are up cycled from thrift stores, other pieces are photography projects, some are Pinterest finds.

  Our Tree House class made this with a handprint for each child. These kiddos are 4 years old.

Children’s Art Auction   Colorful Castles made by another 4 year old class.

Children’s Art Auction   The tiny foot prints of our smallest children made this hungry caterpillar.

Children’s Art Auction   Our second baby room decorated this foot stool with their fingertips.

Children’s Art Auction   Our smallest toddlers made these fingertip birds sitting on a line. So cute!

Children’s Art Auction   We ❤️ NY! Our third 4 year old class made this.

Children’s Art Auction   This masterpiece was done by one of or toddler classrooms. Masking tape was put randomly on the canvas.  Each child painted a space, when the tape was removed it revealed this color blocked piece.

Children’s Art Auction  Here each toddler water colored on die cut circles of coffee filters.

Children’s Art Auction   A three year old class painted long stripps of paper, and then learned about weaving.

Children’s Art Auction   This is from another three year old class and uses colored sand.
Children’s Art Auction  Footprint penguins from our three year old class called Penguins.

Children’s Art Auction   I’m not sure how the toddler class named Ducklings made this but it’s done in relief. Very cute!

If you’re looking for more children’s art auction ideas check out the masterpieces from last year here.

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Posted by on Mar 5, 2019 in Blog, Curriculum, Teaching Strategies |

Researcher finds “Magic 8” preschool practices

Researcher finds “Magic 8” preschool practices

Researcer finds “Magic 8” preschool practices

This is the story of how a researcher finds “Magic 8” preschool classroom practices. In October 2017, Lillian Mongeau of the Hechinger Report told the story of a  scientist who took their research to the next level.

Negative Effects And Outcomes

It began in 2015 Vanderbilt researcher Dale Farran published the findings from her first study of the Tennessee state preschool program. That study resulted in disappointing findings. The preschool program had no effect or negative effects on children by third grade.

Rather than doing reasearch and just leaving it there, with children in mediocre settings she decided to get involved and do something about it! “Do you just say ‘we found these outcomes’ or do you roll up your sleeves and try to do something about it?” said Farran. She wanted better for the children in her care.

Increasing Positive Outcomes

Farran initiated a second study. Farran’s team collected data on teacher actions and student achievement in 26 preschool classrooms. The study of 840 children ran for two years from 2014 to 2016. From the data Farran developed eight critical actions teachers can take that can increase positive experiences. These “magic 8” actions, taken across curriculua, can improve outcomes and transform mediocre programs into high quality programs.

Reduce time spent in transition
Improve level of instruction
Create a positive climate
Increase time teachers listen to children.
Plan sequential activities
Promote cooperative interactions between children
Foster high levels of child involvement
Provide math opportunities

Learn more about the “Magic 8” here. 

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Children’s Author Study

Children’s Author Study

Author Natalka Prytula   Children’s Author Study

Welcome to our first children’s author study. The honor of being our first featured author goes to Natalka Prytula. She is the author of Everything’s Better With Cheddar.  The book is written for five to seven year olds.

Cheddar is a food-loving mouse who loves to cook gourmet meals while the lady of the house is sleeping. He enjoys trying new things and making new friends. But he soon finds himself with a big problem! A house cat has been brought home from the shelter and everyone knows that cats eat mice. So Cheddar must find a way to get the “fuzz ball of a creature” to become his friend before it’s too late. How will Cheddar be able to become the cat’s buddy before he finds himself becoming a tasty treat? Everything’s Better with Cheddar is the first book of a series. The possibilities of his future adventures are endless!

I’m a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. When you shop through the links or banner ads on this blog I make a small commission and you help support my blogging efforts. Thank you!

Natalka had always wanted to be a teacher and was finishing her degree in early childhood education when she took a children’s literature class. Her professor gave an assignment: write and illustrate a children’s book. Cheddar was born. With her degree in hand Natalka landed a position as a toddler teacher at a prestigious preschool in Western New York. Her kids love Cheddar, because they know Everything’s Better With Cheddar! Publisher’s website:

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Posted by on Jul 16, 2018 in Beach Theme, July Themes, Ocean Theme, Themes |

Ocean Theme

Ocean Theme

Ocean Theme

I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. When you shop through the links or banner ads on this blog I make a small commission and you help support my blogging efforts. Thank you!

Ocean Sensory Bottles

Ocean Theme    A student teacher helped our kiddos make these cute ocean theme sensory bottles.  You can add stickers on the outside, even on the lid. You can add sand and tiny seashells to the bottles. Fun Stuff.

Life’s A Beach

Ocean Theame Ocean Theme  Like a Zen Garden only it’s a beach. Kids can make this their happy place. Add a few props and the kids get it.

Ocean Theme  Now might be a good time to take a field trip to your local aquarium. Wikipedia has a great list of links to hundreds of aquaria across the country here.

Yellow Submarine

    Ocean Theme  One of our three’s teachers put this yellow submarine together for her Ocean Theme. She ran some plain lamination paper through the machine for her porthole windows. A dollar store peerascope is a great addition. Stinking cute!


Ocean Theme  When your submarine dives deep you might encounter a SHARK!  This one isn’t so scary, made of masking tape.

Ocean Theme   Speaking of sharks, we take this as a Pinterest success! We left off the back fin but our kids enjoyed making and wearing their shark hats.

Here are a few books our class thought were great!
Shark Dog! is very cute for preschoolers.                         Gilbert is great!

Jellyfish Sensory Bottle

Ocean Theme    One plastic bag can make two jellyfish Cut a plastic bag into two large squares. Stuff the scraps into the middle to make a head. Then tie this off with white yarn or floss.

    Cut strips toward the head to make long tendrils.

    Plopp your jellyfish in a plastic bottle and fill with light blue water.

Ocean Theme   The jellyfish will move more freely in a bigger bottle.

Ocean Theme  We gave these jellyfish big eyes for some reason. Who knows. lol

Ocean Theme  This is the Pinterest we were going for. Can’t nail ‘em all. lol

Ocean Theme  The jelly fish in this mural is actually one from the above pic. It’s just paper bowl inverted, with ribbon glued on the under side. We added eyes. Don’t ask. lol


Ocean Theme  All types of fish are found in the Ocean, even Rainbow Fish! ? You’ll need a class supply of fish patterns, bleeding tissue paper, small cups of water, and paint brushes. You can have the tissue paper precut or have the children rip some into small shapes. The children will lay the tissue paper all over their fish and paint over the whole thing with the water. When the tissue paper is dry, the kids remove the tissue paper to reveal the colors!

Check out our Free Printables!

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