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Posted by on Aug 22, 2017 in Art, Blog, Blog, September Themes |

Back To School ⚠️?

Back To School ⚠️?

Welcome Back To School!

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Some move into the new year with enthusiasm and excitement. Others start the year kicking and screaming. These are the teachers I’m talking about here!   Welcome back to school everyone!

These are some of the books we’ll read with this theme.

Back To School Bulletin Board We start the year with simple art projects that involve a few easy steps. Our room has a huge bulletin board so we turn it into a road and pin up school buses personalized with each child’s picture.

Back To School Bulletin Board  Drive your bus through a puddle…of paint. Use any color you like. Now make tracks on your bus! We’ve always stuck with black but I might try giving choices this year. I’ll update this with colorful pics if it goes well. If it goes poorly you’ll never know! lol

image Wheels on the bus ?  Put the wheels on the bus. With a dab of glue. This is many children’s first experience with glue so expect come big puddles.

image  Now add the driver to the front of the bus. Each child adds their photo to their bus.

Finished  ? The Wheels On the bus?

Here’s a fun (Dubstep Remix) version of Wheels On The Bus By DJ Hans Solo