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Posted by on Aug 29, 2015 in 4th Of July, Art, Blog, July Themes |

Patriotic Preschoolers  ????

Patriotic Preschoolers ????

Patriotic hats, glittery fireworks all help us get ready for our 4th of July parade. The history of Independence Day is too much for most preschoolers. Instead we celebrate with flags, hats, parades, and glittery fireworks! 


Parade Prep

Star Flags
    July Themes  Pipe Cleaner                                                                           Traditional Newspaper Hats

1. Fold hat as shown    2. Parade Hat

3.     4. Finished


5. Decorate and wear for your parade   Have the kids glue a feather in the cap!      Yankee Doodle Dandy!   ??

Patriotic Hats                                                                                                                         Materials Yankey Doodle
Fireworks… GLITTERWORKS!                                             Glue String Art Glitterworks More glitter      Tape 3-4 inch lengths of yarn onto the ends of craft sticks. The kids dip the yarn into glue and pull across the paper. Shake on red, silver, and blue glitter. Allow to dry completely. 
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Posted by on Aug 28, 2015 in 4th Of July, Art, Blog, Blog, July Themes |

4th of July Fun!

4th of July Fun!

Independence Day is too big a concept for most preschoolers so we celebrate the fireworks, parades, and picnics.

Glue String Art image                                                  Tape about 6 inches of yarn to the end of craft sticks.                          Kids dip the yarn into glue and drag across their black paper.

Glitterworks image                                                  Now add the glitter! GLITTERWORKS!


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