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April Fools Day

April Fools Day

Turn April Fools Day into a whole week of fun! Your preschoolers will be amazed when they open their bananas at breakfast and they’re already sliced! ?This does take some prep work so if you have lots of kiddos for breakfast you might need to do this the night before. Watch how it’s done. has some very cute things preschool teachers can modify for fun in their class.

Brownies anyone?  Make that brown E’s! Later in the day offer brownies for a special snack time treat. Present them to the children and watch their faces as they reach for brown E’s! Of course, you’ll have actual brownies waiting for them. lol

April Fools ;) Brown E's

Backwards Day

This is lots of fun for the kiddos. Try running circle time backwards, sing your greeting song last, play your games first. You’ll know what works for your room.

Backwards Day    Backwards Day

Your little ones will be fooled when they wake from nap and all the chairs are turned backwards at the tables! If you can make it happen eat snack with the children’s backs to the tables. Backwards Day!

Wacky Wednesday

Wear your socks mismatched like these kiddos at

Wacky Wednesday

Crazy Hair Day

Teachers and kiddos will have fun with this. Make your hair as crazy as you dare! Please don’t post the pics of teachers (or kids) anywhere public!! lol There are a couple of fun books to read on crazy hair day.

Yes Day!

This is the day to give them what they want! Have a party, eat ice cream, or make smoothies. If your kiddos are old enough bring our balloons,  if not how about bubbles?  Make it a festive day. Say “Yes!” as much as you can. Remind the kiddos to say yes when they can as well. You could turn it into a kindness lesson. Its a day to review rhyming words, opposites, and matching concepts. Have a great week!

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Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Ask your preschoolers to take a close look at the flowers that bloomed from the bulbs they planted back in October.

Daffodil Colors                                                                                                                                                  Prompt preschoolers with only the colors you want them to use. We painted on paper cut the long way, 11.5 by 6 inches offers the artists just the right space for their rendering.

Painting Daffodils                                                                                                                                                Preschoolers are very literal. If you simply say “Paint a daffodil” some will put their brush to the flower! Instead say “Paint a daffodil on the paper.”

Spring flowers                                                                                                                                                    As the children paint describe to them the parts of the flowers. You might bring to their attention the long green stems and yellow petals.

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April Showers

April Showers

01958337a71d9e5777ab6c672f509c0f46c863f617    April Showers

Thanks to

Rain, Rain, Go Away

April showers bring May flowers. Bring this concept to life with these fun activities.

Firsst mix a little white glue and blue liquid watercolor. Have the kids use droppers or pipettes to place drops of rain across the top of their paper, then hold the paper up to make the rain flow down the page. Add cotton ball clouds while the glue is still wet.

Rain Songs

 April Showers

Another fun activity for a rainy day is to open an umbrella, have a few kids get under, have a few others, outside the umbrella,  use spray bottles with water to make it rain. Don’t let them get too carried away though, because soon they’ll all be drenched! This is really fun outdoors if you live in a warm climate. Try it with bare feet!

Rain Books

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