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Posted by on Mar 9, 2020 in Art, Blog, Fund Raising |

Fund Raiser Art Galla Brings In Over $4000

Fund Raiser Art Galla Brings In Over $4000

Fund Raiser Art Gala

This year our fund raiser did very well, bringing in just over $4000! Each of our 15 classes (only 13 are shown here) made a piece to be silently auctioned off at the Art Gala. Art by adult artists was also donated and auctioned. There was a cash bar, light hors d’oeuvres, and musicians to set the mood, all items were donated.

Fund Raiser Art Gala   Fund Raiser Art Gala

Fund Raiser Art Galla   This rainbow over a tree was done by two year olds whose teachers and parents saved applesauce and yogurt lids for weeks! 🌈
Fund Raiser Art Galla   Lemonade anyone? Toddler teachers made this oh so cute lemonade set. The two year olds used their finger prints and the teachers turned them into bumblebees. 

Fund Raiser Art Gala   This beautiful masterpiece was made by blowing bubbles! Our one year olds blew bubbles for a good cause to make this.
Fund Raiser Art Gala  Each child in one of our three year old classes is represented with a triangle that they painted themselves. 

Fund Raiser Art Galla   These are bubble wrap on canvas works of art. The children in one of our infant rooms painted on bubble wrap and then teachers transferred it onto the canvas.

Fund Raiser Art Galla   Can you tell this class is called Polar Bears? There are about a million tiny white fingerprints making each of these bears on chairs look furry. Made by three year olds.

Fund Raiser Art Gala    Our one year old class called Ducklings made this cute little spotted duck with their finger prints.

Fund Raiser Art Gala   Reach for the stars! These high fives are brought to you by our big kids! Each child in one of our four year old classes decorated a cut out of their own hand print for this bright work of art. 

Fund Raiser Art Galla   Another three year old class took inspiration from Eric Carle for this little book shelf. They included some plush toys to represent some of Carle’s most loved story books. 

Fund Raiser Art Galla   A two year old classroom made this 3D wave with sea glass and sea shells. Take me to the beach! 

Fund Raiser Art Gala   Hands full of love. Each child in another four & five year old class put their hands down for this lovely piece of work. The heart frame came from a thrift store.

Fund Raiser Art Galla   Our second infant room teachers were thinking spring when the started working on this in mid February. Tiny feet prints make these butterflies special. 🦋

Fund Raiser Art Gala   Lastly these four & five year olds were inspired by their home town to make this cool masterpiece.


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Welcome to the Zoo!

Welcome to the Zoo!

Going to the zoo is a fun summertime activity. Many schools and child care centers go on field trips to local zoos. Even if you can’t take them to the zoo you can bring the animals to life for the kiddos. Welcome to the Zoo is a kind of play on words that most parents get when they see the sign on the classroom door. 😉

These are some of our favorite books that bring the zoo to life for little ones. 

Story Extenders

Welcome to the Zoo   My favorite preschool site (besides this one) is She has a really nice early math flannel board lesson using the book Color Zoo by Lois Ehlert.

Welcome to the Zoo After reading Goodnight Gorilla the zoo activity at will be great fun for very young kiddos.

Welcome to the Zoo  The blog has some great large motor activities, as well as some letter recognition ideas around the book 1, 2, 3, Zoo by Eric Carl.

Large Motor Zoo Fun

Kids In Motion

Year after year our preschoolers have loved Greg & Steve’s Kids In Motion CD. For this theme we play Animal Action I & II. They love doing their impression of each animal. You can purchase it here.

Kids Moving

Welcome to the Zoo Another of my favorite preschool sites is She does sell her lessons, usually for just $3.00. This lesson is all large motor activities.

Animal Art

Making Tracks
Zoo Animal Tracks   Zoo Animals    This project is so simple. We’ve been doing this project for years with zoo, farm, pets, and wild animals. When I saw it on one of my favorite preschool sites, I knew I should share it too. Just round up a few of the appropriate animals, some corresponding paint, paper plates or some shallow trays for the paint, and paper. Have the children dip the hooves or paws into the paint and take their animal for a walk on the paper.

Handprint Zoo Animals

Hand print zoo #2    Handprint animals with teacher painted details.We began this labor intensive project Monday morning while the children did the Making Tracks project. The latter being a more open ended. This hand print project is so cute though!      

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears! Oh My! 

Welcome to the Zoo  Well lions anyway. Teachers just cut the center out of paper plates for the class. Teachers or children can cut brown, orange, and yellow strips. The children glue strips in a pattern, onto their plate. Orange, yellow, brown, repeat. Add a craft stick and they have their lion masks.

Zoo Snacks

Animals in the grass    Add a drop of food color to cream cheese, spread on crackers and stand your animal crackers in the cream cheese for a fun zoo snack!

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Posted by on Apr 28, 2019 in Art, Blog, Mother’s Day, Spring |

Mothers Day

Mothers Day


Mothers Day   M?M this little handprint mom is so cute for a new mom’s first Mothers Day. 

Mothers Day  The teacher used masking tape to spell Mom. The children then painted over the tape. When it was dry the teacher carefully removed the tape revealing the name Mom. 

Handprints For Mom

Mothers Day   First, this is a simple heart with baby’s first handprint and planted in a pot. So cute for a first Mother’s Day.

Mothers Day  This flower pot took a bit more work! Four handprints and the cute little poem in the middle make this flower great for babies to give to their mom on their first Mother’s Day

Mothers Day   Tiny little bugs on the finger tips. Very cute. Paint the hands’ palm brown, the fingers and thumb are painted green

Mothers Day  Bejeweled poem for mom. The toddlers enjoyed glueing  all the jewels on the card for their Mom. 

Old School Ideas

These ideas are tried and true old school Mothers Day cards and gifts.

Mothers DayOriginally the poem was mimeographed and glued inside the tea pot with a tea bag stapled inside. This little tea pot is very fragile some 30 years after it was made! Cut these out so that the handle is the fold. Have your kiddos decorate the front. You’ll have to add the poem and a tea bag. 

Flower Basket for Mothers Day

Mothers Day  These flowers baskets are perfect for young toddlers to put together. Cut out enough for each in your care.

You’ll need Have lots of flowers cut from magazines, seed packets, or seed catalogs. You’ll also need a plastic strawberry quart container. The one we used has a grid almost. Like this… Quart basket .

You’ll also need brown paint and a paper plate or small tray used for the paint. Glue sticks or glue bottles will also be needed.

Begin by having the child dip the strawberry basket into the brown paint and the print it onto the basket cut out. Have the children do this several times to give the effect of a woven basket.

Next have the kids glue on flowers of their choice, keeping the handle free of any flowers.

Finish with a little bow on the handle. (Not shown)

Now let it dry and sign the back with a Mother’s Day message.

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Easter Fun!

Easter Fun!


Here’s a mashup of lots of different ideas for Easter Fun with preschoolers.

This page contains affiliate links, thank you for your support. 

These cute transparent eggs were found in at a Dollar Store. They are being used in a toddler room.

Easter Fun!

The children worked on a large egg shape, dipping the ends of paper towel tubes into pastel colors and printing onto the paper.   

Plastic eggs dipped in matching paint
This is a color transfer art project. The children paint their large white paper egg shape with vinegar. Next they lay small pieces of tissue  paper (bleeding) onto the wet vinegar. Let their work dry then peal the tissue paper off to reveal the colors. 

 Tissue paper & vinegar on lg egg

Easter Display

This is a nice Easter display that’s a three step process. First the kiddos paint paper eggs with a mixture of shaving cream and glue. The teacher, Miss Jenna mixed in a bit of paint to get pastel colors.

Easter Fun

Then Miss Jenna cuts out a basket and begins getting the grass ready.

Easter Fun

Last we added our Easter baskets and grass. Ready for the Easter Bunny!

Easter Fun

If your school is like ours there are thousands of plastic eggs around. We dumped them into the sensory table for a huge matching challenge.
Eggs In The Sensory Table
A site called has tons of other centers for Easter activities.
Pete The Cat is fun any time of year!
Indoor Egg Hunt

Here in the North East we often have to hunt for our Easter eggs indoors. If Easter is early there might still be snow on the ground! So for the little ones we hide our eggs in plain sight.

Hide Eggs in Plain Sight

Colorful Bunnies

Visit to see this and hats for every holiday!

Rabbit Ears     Paper Plate Bunny Ears
Colored Eggs

This are just one of the ways you can color eggs. Here we used shaving cream and liquid water color.

Shaving Cream & Food Color   Roll eggs in and let stand for 3-4 minutes
There’s always the traditional way to color eggs. Use vinegar and food coloring.
Easter Fun! has 16 different ways to color eggs!
You Tube’s Crafty Panda has 25 cool ways to decorate eggs.

Cotton Bunnies 

Simply cut out the center of  paper plates, use the center for the ears. Just cut the center circle in half  and add the pink part. Now add the cotton balls. Last add Popsicle stick on back, masking tape worked best for us. We’re using these for our Easter parade!

Cotton Bunnies

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Rain and Rainbows

Rain and Rainbows

Rain and Rainbows

If you live in the North, March is not necessarily sunny. It’s likely cold and rainy. Not exactly a good time to make rainbows. If you wait a few weeks and do the rain and rainbows theme at the beginning of April, it will probably make more sense for you and the kiddos.

April Showers

In order to make a rainbow you need rain. We have some really fun and wet activities to help children understand that rainbows start with rain.

      Rain and Rainbows   

For this drippy art project you’ll need paper, glue, liquid water color, crayons, pipettes, and cotton balls. First, the children color rainbows on their paper. While they’re busy with that mix up some blue glue. Make the mixture very runny. The children use the pipettes to run the glue across the top of the paper. Pick up the paper and let the glue drip straight down. When they have the drips as far as they like they can add their cotton balls to the top to form clouds. 

   This is a teacher made toy to bring to the water table. The teacher poked holes in the bottom of a plastic Dollar Store container and the kiddos make it rain.

   I found this pic on the internet somewhere on the internet. I see what looks like Velcro circles on each rain drop. This could be a matching game with letters, numbers, names…you program your rain drops to your needs.

   Puddle jumping game. This game comes from Teachers make this game. The game is highly adaptable to numbers, letters or math problems. All you need is construction paper, scissors, tape, and a permanent marker.


Rain and Rainbows    Rain and Rainbows    Rain and Rainbows

Every child got to add their hand print in this huge project!

Rain and Rainbows    

Three different classrooms three different rainbows. Three year olds made first rainbow display.  Four year olds who used tempura paint to make the next display of rainbows. The last rainbow was made by 4 year olds with different materials for each color. 

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