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Posted by on Mar 10, 2019 in Art, Fund Raising |

Children’s Art Auction

Children’s Art Auction

For many centers fund raising is a means to getting much needed equipment or special  supplies. A Children’s Art Auction is a fancy affair where parents gather and have a silent auction. One hundred percent of the proceeds can go to the center if there are no other charitable entities involved.


Each classroom creates a masterpiece to be auctioned off. Many of the items are up cycled from thrift stores, other pieces are photography projects, some are Pinterest finds.

  Our Tree House class made this with a handprint for each child. These kiddos are 4 years old.

Children’s Art Auction   Colorful Castles made by another 4 year old class.

Children’s Art Auction   The tiny foot prints of our smallest children made this hungry caterpillar.

Children’s Art Auction   Our second baby room decorated this foot stool with their fingertips.

Children’s Art Auction   Our smallest toddlers made these fingertip birds sitting on a line. So cute!

Children’s Art Auction   We ❤️ NY! Our third 4 year old class made this.

Children’s Art Auction   This masterpiece was done by one of or toddler classrooms. Masking tape was put randomly on the canvas.  Each child painted a space, when the tape was removed it revealed this color blocked piece.

Children’s Art Auction  Here each toddler water colored on die cut circles of coffee filters.

Children’s Art Auction   A three year old class painted long stripps of paper, and then learned about weaving.

Children’s Art Auction   This is from another three year old class and uses colored sand.
Children’s Art Auction  Footprint penguins from our three year old class called Penguins.

Children’s Art Auction   I’m not sure how the toddler class named Ducklings made this but it’s done in relief. Very cute!

If you’re looking for more children’s art auction ideas check out the masterpieces from last year here.

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Posted by on May 2, 2018 in Art, Blog, May Themes, Mother’s Day |

Tea and Flowers for Mom

Tea and Flowers for Mom

Tea and Flowers for Mom

Going old school with these two cute Mothers Day gifts saved from years gone by. Your preschoolers can make tea and flowers for Mom.

Little Tea Pot

Tea and flowers for MomOriginally the poem was mimeographed and glued inside the tea pot with a tea bag stapled inside. My little tea pot is very fragile some 30 years later! Cut these out so the handle is the fold.”

Flower Basket

Tea and Flowers for Mom  These flowers baskets are perfect for young toddlers to put together. Cut out enough for each in your care.

You’ll need Have lots of flowers cut from magazines, seed packets, or seed catalogs. You’ll also need a plastic strawberry quart container. The one we used has a grid almost. Like this… Quart basket .

You’ll also need brown paint and a paper plate or small tray used for the paint. Glue sticks or glue bottles will also be needed.

Begin by having the child dip the strawberry basket into the brown paint and the print it onto the basket cut out. Have the children do this several times to give the effect of a woven basket.

Next have the kids glue on flowers of their choice, keeping the handle free of any flowers.

Finish with a little bow on the handle. (Not shown)

Now let it dry and sign the back with a Mother’s Day message.


This is a nice flower we call dandelion. Make a wish Mom!

Tea and Flowers for Mom  This is finger print art. Have the child dip their index finger in black paint to make the stem. The teacher offers the child two or three different colors of paint, and help them make finger rip ts to resemble the seeds getting blown. Very cute!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Posted by on Feb 19, 2018 in Art, Blog, February Themes, Olympics |

Preschool Winter Olympics

Preschool Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics are here!

This is our Preschool Winter Olympics. Our preschoolers are having a great time competing and winning silver and gold medals.

Let The Games Begin!

Preschool Winter Olympics      Our torch is just a paper towel tube covered in foil and stuffed with orange and yellow tissue paper.

Preschool Winter Olympics  Simplest art project ever! Five paper towel tubes in 5 plates of paint. Red, yellow, blue, black and green. Let the kids dip and print!

  Pre cut the center of paper plates away, so you have just the outer ring left. Set up five stations where each kid paints a ring of each of the 5 Olympic Ring colors. When they’re dry cut each one so that you can inter lock them like the actual Olympic Rings.

Figure Skateing

Preschool Figure Skatin  Little feet wrapped in waxed paper slide across  carpet like ice.

  Rubber bands hold the waxed paper loosely around their ankles.


Preschool Winter Olympics   This is a common scooter rolling on a very old slide from a climber maybe as old as the 70’s lol. We set it up on a huge wedge mat. Not many schools will have just this combination of items to replicate this. Our Olympians love this so much I had to share!

Ice Hockey

Preschool Winter Olympics   Indoor “ice” hockey. Our kids are 3-4 so we play one-on-one hockey. Too many sticks becomes dangerous. This year we’ll remember the waxed paper “skates”.

Bring Home The Gold (or silver)

  Cut a 3-4 inch circle.

  Wrap the circle in foil. I was unable to find gold foil so we have silver medalists this year.

  Add red, white, and blue crape paper.

Preschool Winter Olympics  Just tape the ribbon onto the back. They’re not real! lol

Preschool Winter Olympics   There you have it.

  We’re planning on trying this snack this year!

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Posted by on Jan 20, 2018 in Art, Blog, Pre-School Teachers |

10 Best Preschool Blogs

10 Best Preschool Blogs

10 Best Sites For Preschool Activities

This list of our 10 best preschool blogs will grow as I come across new blogs. Teaching early childhood is quite different from teaching grade school, or even kindergarten. Depending on the dynamics the curriculum in preschool classrooms changes from year to year. Preschoolers require teachers to have a whole other skill set and resources that they’ll find in a wide range of places. Our curriculum develops, each year, to be responsive to the children’s abilities and interests. Back in the day preschool teachers used magazine subscriptions for printed publications like The Mailbox or Ladybug Magazine.  These days the search for resources begins with colleagues and ends on the internet. Here is this preschool teacher’s list of the 10 best preschool activity blogs:

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs Teach Preschool Deborah Stewart’s blog is my archetype. Deborah’s site is just beautiful! Her blog is inspiring. Her activities are always developmentally spot on. The photos capture the action and depict the wonder she inspires in the children. She has also put together an early learning workshop for new teachers. Deborah is also the author of a readiness guide for preschool teachers titled Ready For Kindergarten!. I highly recommend a visit to this site you’ll book mark it for future visits.

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs   Lisa Murphy, the Ooey Gooey Lady has an exhaustive collection of fun activities for preschoolers. There are articles for teachers; hundreds, maybe thousands of pictures of her inspiring workshops; links to her Facebook page and Twitter feed; audio recordings of past workshops; and a page offering Lisa’s own books as well as books authored by other experts in the field. I highly recommend her workshops.

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs TeacherTomsBlog Tom’s blog is thought provoking. His posts are introspective and inspirational. He’s been at it a long time and the blog is worth a look.

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs Jackie put together a nice site where she blogs about her family child care center. She posts crafts and activities for toddlers and preschoolers. The site has many links to activities, tons of pics, arts & crafts, and she even has a recipes! This is one busy lady, she’s a mom, teacher, and blogger.

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs Red Ted Art is written by another very busy wife, mother, and blogger named Molly. Her site is full of age appropriate activities. Molly produced many videos, photos, and even authored a book called Red Ted Art .  Enjoy!

5 More Best Preschool Activity Blogs

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs Here is a blog dedicated to teachers of every grade. They do offer a large preschool section. There is a section with pages of free downloads. This blog is valuable to teachers everywhere!

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs This author’s name is Karen Cox. She has tabs for learning areas, themes, classroom ideas and printables.

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs  This is a cute blog written by a former preschool teacher who is now a full time mom and blogger. There are tabs for science, literacy, math, fine motor, and parenting.

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs This blog is designed for parents still the ideas presented are appropriate for classroom use as well. This site has many free resources although they do offer a pricey subscription. Very well illustrated.

10 Best Preschool Activity Blogs This blog is overflowing with fun activities! Their latest post, a gingerbread theme goes on and on forever. You will find something fun to do with your preschoolers!

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Posted by on Dec 19, 2017 in Art, Blog, Christmas, Holidays |

Preschool Stained Glass Windows

Preschool Stained Glass Windows

This all started many years ago when I moved into a new classroom and found a box of unused tiles. Some were mosaic some were just 4×4 bathroom tile. I had no idea what to do with them so they sat for a long while. I thought maybe a mosaic or stepping stones for the playground, but they just sat collecting dust. Then one day I had some left over plywood from some other project and my idea started to take form.

Preschool Stained Glass Windows  First I glued the tiles to the boards in interesting patterns. I used E6000 glue because the thing will need to hold up with moisture from lots of paint.

Preschool Stained Glass Windows  We used rollers to apply paint. We used BioColor paints.

Preschool Stained Glass Windows  Next we laid parchment paper over the tiles. We gently rubbed to insure the paper had collected all the paint.

Preschool Stained Glass Windows  The great reveal!  Not the greatest pic but you get the idea.

Preschool Stained Glass Windows         Preschool Stained Glass   I cut the frames out of black poster board. I just cut them to fit and mounted them with tacky glue. Not many sunny days here (WNY)  in the winter but I’m sure they’ll look great with the sun shining through. They turned out better than I expected!




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Posted by on Dec 2, 2017 in Art, Blog, December Themes, Holidays |

You Can’t Catch The Gingerbread Man!

You Can’t Catch The Gingerbread Man!

No matter how fast you run you can’t catch the Gingerbread Man! We’re turning our classroom into a gingerbread classroom! I’ll keep updating as we go. This is part of out Christmas celebrations. We also celebrate Hanukkah and Kwanzaa so watch out for those posts as well. has a plethora of family friendly gingerbread and Christmas videos.

Gingerbread Men

  Raisins, buttons, ribbons, glitter, and a little “teacher glue” (tacky glue). Free pattern on Printables!

Gum Drops

        Free Pattern On Printables!


 You’ll need an old turntable or lazy Suzan. You might be able to use a spin art kit if you have one handy. These are just paper plates. You can do it without poking a hole in the middle just tape the plate to the turn table. Turn it on and let it spin. The kids can use 2 or 3 different colors of paint. When the paint is dry we add tongue depressor stick and wrap in cellophane. Happy Hooligans  has a super cute paper plate gingerbread man face. So cute.


Homemade Gingerbread Cookie Recipe.

Gingerbread House

You Can’t Catch The Gingerbreat Man  This is an for pic of our gingerbread house. This was achieved with paper plates cut around the edges. And boarder strips flipped to their white side. I’ll get an after shot when we’ve got it all together!

You Can’t Catch The Gingerbread Man This is the beautiful 3D actual gingerbread house from Inner Child Fun we’re trying to copy.

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