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Posted by on Jan 17, 2017 in Art, Blog, Bulletin Boards, January Themes, Pre-School Teachers, Teacher/Provider Resources, Winter |

Preschool Winter Bulletin Boards

Preschool Winter Bulletin Boards

Preschool Winter Bulletin Boards

Many of these preschool winter bulletin boards were actually made by preschoolers!

Preschool Winter Bulletin Boards Wish List Ideas  We used the Shel Sliverstein book The Giving Tree as the basis for our classroom “wish list” of items parents can donate to our class. This display changes with the seasons. Colorful leaves and apples are programmed with wish list items for fall, green leaves and pretty flowers for spring and summer.

Preschool Winter Bulletin Boards Winter Scene Next we have a pretty scene that was created by two year olds! Glueing and glittering was done on the table then the teachers hung the work of art under their twisted paper tree.

Preschool Winter Bulletin Boards Tissue Paper Snowman  This big guy was also made by two year olds, with some help from their teachers. They started with the two circles, the toddlers ripped and shredded white tissue paper. The children glued the paper to the circles and teachers added the features.

Preschool Winter Bulletin Boards Giant Snowflake  Finally we have this giant snowflake. It’s hard to tell from the pic but this snowflake is about 2 1/2 feet wide! And the really cool thing is that it was made by infants! Wish the teachers would have checked here before they cut the shape though.




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Preschool Science Activity Ideas – Fall

Preschool Science Activity Ideas – Fall

Nature is full of preschool science activity ideas! You just need to know where to look. One of the early science classes children are given in elementary school is called Earth Science. The science of the Earth is actually only nature. Young children can learn a lot about nature. Having a broad basic understanding of the outside world early will help them succeed when the reach that elemntary Earth Science class. So here we go.

Bringing Nature In To the Preschool Classroom

Fall Gourds -Fun Preschool Scrience Activities   We put this tray in our science center for further exploration after everyone had a turn to look closely with the magnifying glass at circle time.

Depending on your location fall will look different than fall in other locations. What ever changes that take place outside…bring some samples into your classroom. Maybe mangos become ripe in fall near you, or oranges are being arvested now, even if it’s just a small tray of dried up leaves and some sticks! Bring one or two samples into the classroom for your children to observe. Put a child safe magnifyng glass on the tray and pass it around at circle time.

These are just a few of the things we bring samples of into the classroom in the fall.

Dried Corn Prescool Science Activity Ideas- Fall Dried Corn To Husk -Fun Preschool Science Activity Ideas  Milk Weed In A Jar- Fun Preschool Science Activity Ideas Fun Preschool Science Activity Ideas - Pumpkin Seeds

Don’t forget to show your how the children how to use the magnifying glass to make the object appear larger. Hold the maginfying glass close to the object and look through, don’t hold it up to your eye.

 Science Activities For Fall

Growing Sweet Potatoes

Chestnut Counting Preschool Science Activity Ideas   Grow A Sweet Potato - Fun Preschool Science Activity

You’ll need a sweet potato, or a piece of one. four toothpicks, clear plastic cup, water.

Poke the toothpicks into the sides of the potato at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00 so they can hold the top portion of the potato out of the water. Submerge the potato untill it’s resting on the toothpicks. Keep the cup watered enough that the botom of the potato is always wet.

Have the children make observations as the potato changes. You might want to have them draw in their journals or on clipboards like real scientists!

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? Center Signs ?

? Center Signs ?

Most preschool classrooms are set up with what’s known as centers. Housekeeping, science & math, art and writing centers are just a few common centers. These areas are usually delineated well with furniture. Most teachers also add center signs with pics to indicate to children what’s expected in each center.

Here are a few of our signs. The pics of our preschoolers doing the activities in the center have been removed to protect identities.

image   Blocks

I just snap candid shots of the preschoolers in each center and tape a few to the laminated signs. As you see the signs speak to parents, explaining what each child is learning as they play.


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