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Posted by on Oct 20, 2015 in Autumn, Blog, Circle Time, Math & Science, Music, September Themes |

Apples of Our Eyes

Apples of Our Eyes

image Every child tasted all 3 types of apples.

Apple Chart  This is our apple tasting chart

Apple tree     ?  I’m a little apple tree, all my apples grow on me. I mustn’t sneeze, I mustn’t cough or all my apples will fall off!                                                                                   Aahh-choo! Aah-choo! (Catch you sneeze in your elbow) ?

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Posted by on Feb 1, 2015 in Blog, Blog, Circle Time, February Themes, large motor, Science, Shadows |

Groundhog’s Day! Will he see his shadow?

Groundhog’s Day! Will he see his shadow?

These are the things you'll need to make a peek a boo groundhog.  These are the items you need to make a peek-a-boo groundhog.

Find this pattern FREE on Printables! First you need this free pattern on Printables!

Pull the stick down so the children see only the top of the groundhog...then...

Does he see a shadow?

Making Shadows

Shadows A strong flashlight in a darkened classroom makes for great preschool fun.

Shadows  Here I draped a large sheet of paper over the back of an adult chair. I tapped pre-cut  shapes of people and animals and to craft sticks. I propped a big flashlight on a box and the kids took turns climbing under the chair making shadows.

Shadows in the Gym This time we took our big flashlight to the gym, turned out the lights, turned on lively music, and had fun shadow dancing. i love this picture!



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