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Posted by on Dec 12, 2020 in Blog, Christmas, Cooking With Kids, December Themes |

Christmas Gingerbread Man

Christmas Gingerbread Man

ShareNo matter how fast you run you can’t catch the Gingerbread Man! We’re turning our classroom into a gingerbread classroom! I’ll keep updating as we go. This is part of our Christmas celebrations. has a plethora of family friendly gingerbread and Christmas videos.

Individual Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread House   Gingerbread House  Gingerbread House

Gingerbread Men

   Gingerbread Men
Raisins, buttons, ribbons, glitter, and a little “teacher glue” (tacky glue). Free pattern on Printables!

Gum Drops

        Free Pattern On Printables!


 You’ll need an old turntable or lazy Suzan. You might be able to use a spin art kit if you have one handy. These are just paper plates. You can do it without poking a hole in the middle just tape the plate to the turn table. Turn it on and let it spin. The kids can use 2 or 3 different colors of paint. When the paint is dry we add tongue depressor stick and wrap in cellophane.


Happy Hooligans  has a super cute paper plate gingerbread man face. So cute.


Homemade Gingerbread Cookie Recipe. 

Gingerbread House
You Can’t Catch The Gingerbreat Man  This is an for pic of our gingerbread house. This was achieved with paper plates cut around the edges. And boarder strips flipped to their white side. I’ll get an after shot when we’ve got it all together!

Life Size Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

You Can’t Catch The Gingerbread Man This is the beautiful 3D actual gingerbread house from Inner Child Fun we’re trying to copy.

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Posted by on Nov 3, 2017 in Autumn, Blog, Cooking With Kids, Farm |

Down On The Farm

Down On The Farm

Preschoolers of all ages have a great time with the Down On The Farm Theme. Sorting animals by type, cooking, fun songs and videos  are just a few of the activities for this week long theme. There might be enough material for two weeks.

Let’s start off with a fun song. On Our Way To Grandpa’s Farm

Next try Sleeping Cows. Can’t find a video so imagine… your children lie down and pretend to be sleeping while you sing ? ” See The sleeping cows till it’s nearly noon come let us wake them with a merry tune.” ? As the children wake up they make the cow sound. Play as long as you like just adding different animals. “See the sleeping pigs, kitties, penguins… whatever you want.  😉

Hay Stacks

While we’re making these we’re looking at this video of an old classic nursery rhyme Little Boy Blue

Each child gets a 6×6 piece of wax paper and a wooden craft stick. First melt butterscotch chips. Then pour in the chow mein noodles. Mix until the noodles are coated. Scoop into plastic soufflé cups. Allow to cool just a moment. Kids “mix” with the craft stick and turn the hay stacks out onto their wax paper. Enjoy!

  No product endorsements here. Store brands work fine!

  Melt your Butterscotch chips in the microwave or on the stove. Pour on your noodles stir and cool for just a few minutes.

Down On The Farm  Hey! Hay bails can be delivered by local nurseries. When it starts to go to sprout or get moldy you can spread it over your garden or playground.

Down On The Farm  The kids find many uses for the hay.

Animals Down On The Farm

Milking Cows

Down on The Farm Milking the Cows  We collected all the cows around our school to put in the milking bin. I filled a rubber glove with warm water and a few drops of white paint. I tied the top closed and poked a pin hole or two in a few of the fingers. The kids squeeze the glove to get the milk flowing.

Down On The Farm

What Grows Down On The Farm

Down On The Farm  Shucking the corn is fun and great for fine motor. This is cow corn.

Down On The Farm  The kids can glue the corn kernels onto a corn cob cut out or have them glue bits of torn tissue paper on instead. I’ve also seen this with hand prints cut out for the green husk.

Down On The Farm  Veggies growing in the soil in the sensory table. Kids can “harvest” the veggies and put them in the basket.

Play dough with Mr. Potato Head pieces. This would be cool on a day when you do potato printing, and/or potato planting

Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs

Down On The Farm    Down On The Farm  We started with three large squares and 3 large triangles, bits of hay, craft sticks, and paper “bricks”. Made 3 teams of children to build a house of straw, a house of sticks, and a house of bricks.

Down On The Farm Down On The Farm  The patterns for these masks are on Printables!

Down On The Farm  These are cute but the paint pealed of after it was dry. Needs some work – fail!

  Be a tree rubber and a tree hugger! Getting a bark rubbing is a great way to introduce texture words to young children. It’s also a great time to start talking about concervation.

Tractor Pull

Down On The Farm    These are fun activities to do with your toy tractors. First, tape a large piece of butcher paper onto a table. Next poor some brown or black paint in a tray. Have the kids dip the wheels in and drive around the table. What fun making tracks is! The second pic has brown paint mixed with equal parts shaving cream and glue. Driving tractors in the mud is so fun!

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Posted by on Sep 17, 2017 in Art, Autumn, Blog, Cooking With Kids, Math & Science, September Themes |

?Apples For The Teachers ?

?Apples For The Teachers ?

 The tradition is for the children bring apples for the teacher. Teachers also bring apples to the children. These apple activities will be fun for all!

Every Apple Holds A Star – Science

Let’s take a close look at apples. Bring one or two apples, that have their stem and a leaf still attached, to circle time on a plate or tray along with a magnifying glass. Children can learn to hold the magnifying glass away from their eye and over the apple to get a close look. Talk about all of the parts of the apple. Skin, flesh, core, seeds, stem, and leaf. Then ask if the children know there’s a star in every apple. Cut the apple across the middle and take a look at the star with the magnifying glass!

 Apple Tasting And Graphing – Math

This is another great circle time activity. Prepare enough slices of red, green, yellow apples for each child to taste each type. Bring one each whole red, green and yellow apples to circle along with a enough napkins for each child. Also have prepared precut apple shapes of the same colors. You’ll need a marker to write each child’s name and masking tape circles to stick your apples on your graph.

Every child gets one of each color apple slice to taste. Talk about sweet and sour tastes. Remind your children to think about which apple slice they like the most.

After everyone tastes go around the circle asking each child which they liked the best. Simply jot each child’s name on the apple color they choose. Tape all the like colors in a row. You now have a graph. There are other ways to do graphing. You can see how others do it here and here.

These are good graphs but I’m looking for one that helps the kids really see which got chosen more.

Apple Turnovers With Preschoolers – Cooking With Preschoolers

The easiest way we’ve found to bake apple turnovers with the kids is to use refigerated biscuit dough from a tube. Bake on parchment paper so you can write the children’s names as you place each turnover.

Apples For The Teachers Turnovers

Apples For The Teachers   

Smiling Apples – Cooking With Children

Apples For The Teachers  Apple slices, peanut butter (sun butter), and mini marshmallows.

Paper Towel Apple Printing – Art

These apples are made with aper towel tubes with a crease in them and dipped in paint. Offer all three colors for the children to dip into. When they’re done add little stems to each printed apple.

Apples For The Teachers

Apples For The Teachers

Apples For The Teachers

Apple Printing – Art

Apples For The Teacher  Cut your apples in half  crosswise as pictured. Put a craft stick into the uncut side. Dip into paint and print onto paper. You should be able to see the star in the print.

Team Building – Art

Apples For The Teachers

The children worked in small groups to paint this tree. Each child chose green, yellow, or red apple to add to our tree.

One Bad Apple – Fine Motor

We filled our sensory table with paper apples, and hole punches, and bits of green yarn (worms). Our children did have a hard time at first making holes but most were successful after a few tries. Lacing the yarn in and out of the holes was less challenging for our three year olds.

Apples For The Teachers

Apples For The Teachers  ⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️





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Posted by on Jun 2, 2017 in Blog, Cooking With Kids, June Themes |

Preschool Pizza

Preschool Pizza

Preschool Pizza good enough to eat!  We celebrate pizza for a whole week with a culminting field trip to the local pizzeria. To make paper pizzas you’ll need to cut all the ingredients.

Paper Pizza Ingredients

Preschool Pizza Ingredients First start with the crust, then glue on the sauce. Pepperoni isn’t actually popular amongst most preschoolers but they seem to enjoy it on their paper pizzas. Green peppers are pretty easy to cut out like a hook shape. Black olives are simple enough, little ovals with a hole punch in the middle. The cheese is just white construction paper sliced julienne style. Last are mushrooms, again not a favorite of preschoolers but they’ll get it. I’ll leave a link when to the patterns on Printables ASAP.

Preschool Pizza  Love the one who took the time to make their olives look like eyes and the one who made the cheese look like kitty whiskers. We are 3 year olds after all! Haha

Pizza Books for Preschoolers

There are a few books we like reading during pizza week. The one pictured above, Pete’s Pizza  is available here.

Another fun book is Hi, Pizza Man and that’s also available here.

One more book the kids love is Pat’s Pizza you can pick it up .

Make Real Pizzas!

Preschool Pizza   These are the basics but you can add any toppings your preschoolers like. Craft sticks work well for the kids to spread their sauce. Let them choose their toppings and put them on themselves. Puting parchment paper on your cookie sheet will allow you to write the children’s names as you place them on the sheet. Bake at 400° for 10 minutes.


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