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Posted by on Feb 10, 2020 in Blog, February Themes, Valentine’s Day |

Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

Parents appreciate a little advanced notice when we ask them to contribute something for parties or special projects. Put out a sign up sheet out so parents can choose to contribute what they like.

It’s best to have the Valentines signed with just the child’s own name not the recipients. The children can deliver the valentines to all of their friends much easier that way. 

Have everyone wear red or pink.
As an example, take a look at one preschool classroom’s letter to parents explaining their Valentine’s Day party plans.
Blog Valentine‘s Day Parent Letter

Children don’t have to be able to read the words, to enjoy valentines candy hearts. Try this simple matching game in a happy heart center.

Be My Valentine


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Posted by on Feb 7, 2020 in Blog, February Themes, Groundhog Day, Math & Science, Science, Shadows |

Making Shadows on Groundhog Day

Making Shadows on Groundhog Day

We had a great time making shadows on groundhogs day. Groundhog Day is a great time to explore shadows.

We have a great little groundhog pattern available at Printables! Print it out, add color, tape it to a craft stick. Send the kids under a table that has paper draped over one side, with a big bright flashlight. Does the groundhog see his shadow?

Kaplan Early Learning Company has this great blog post on making shadows on groundhogs day or any day.

Making Shadows on Groundhogs Day

These little shapes are just stencils taped to craft sticks. Cut shapes from black construction paper so they look more like shadows. A big 9 volt flashlight propped up in a clear plastic shoe box will shine light right where needed. Simply drape a large sheet of paper over a little table. The kids love climbing under tables anyway, this just gives them a purpose.

Making Shadows on Groundhogs Day

A couple little chairs invite the audience to watch the shadow show. Make sure each child gets a turn to do both.

Making Shadows on Groundhogs Day

The kids learn quickly how to make the shadows interact. More shapes can be made with only the kids hands and fingers.

Making Shadows on Groundhogs Day  

Disney Shadow Video

My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson

Making Shadows on Groundhog Day  Shadows
Shine a big 9 volt flashlight on the children from behind them. Be sure you have a large blank wall to project onto. Have fun!

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Posted by on Feb 19, 2018 in Art, Blog, February Themes, Olympics |

Preschool Winter Olympics

Preschool Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics are here!

This is our Preschool Winter Olympics. Our preschoolers are having a great time competing and winning silver and gold medals.

Let The Games Begin!

Preschool Winter Olympics      Our torch is just a paper towel tube covered in foil and stuffed with orange and yellow tissue paper.

Preschool Winter Olympics  Simplest art project ever! Five paper towel tubes in 5 plates of paint. Red, yellow, blue, black and green. Let the kids dip and print!

  Pre cut the center of paper plates away, so you have just the outer ring left. Set up five stations where each kid paints a ring of each of the 5 Olympic Ring colors. When they’re dry cut each one so that you can inter lock them like the actual Olympic Rings.

Figure Skateing

Preschool Figure Skatin  Little feet wrapped in waxed paper slide across  carpet like ice.

  Rubber bands hold the waxed paper loosely around their ankles.


Preschool Winter Olympics   This is a common scooter rolling on a very old slide from a climber maybe as old as the 70’s lol. We set it up on a huge wedge mat. Not many schools will have just this combination of items to replicate this. Our Olympians love this so much I had to share!

Ice Hockey

Preschool Winter Olympics   Indoor “ice” hockey. Our kids are 3-4 so we play one-on-one hockey. Too many sticks becomes dangerous. This year we’ll remember the waxed paper “skates”.

Bring Home The Gold (or silver)

  Cut a 3-4 inch circle.

  Wrap the circle in foil. I was unable to find gold foil so we have silver medalists this year.

  Add red, white, and blue crape paper.

Preschool Winter Olympics  Just tape the ribbon onto the back. They’re not real! lol

Preschool Winter Olympics   There you have it.

  We’re planning on trying this snack this year!

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Posted by on Feb 1, 2015 in Blog, Blog, Circle Time, February Themes, large motor, Science, Shadows |

Groundhog’s Day! Will he see his shadow?

Groundhog’s Day! Will he see his shadow?

These are the things you'll need to make a peek a boo groundhog.  These are the items you need to make a peek-a-boo groundhog.

Find this pattern FREE on Printables! First you need this free pattern on Printables!

Pull the stick down so the children see only the top of the groundhog...then...

Does he see a shadow?

Making Shadows

Shadows A strong flashlight in a darkened classroom makes for great preschool fun.

Shadows  Here I draped a large sheet of paper over the back of an adult chair. I tapped pre-cut  shapes of people and animals and to craft sticks. I propped a big flashlight on a box and the kids took turns climbing under the chair making shadows.

Shadows in the Gym This time we took our big flashlight to the gym, turned out the lights, turned on lively music, and had fun shadow dancing. i love this picture!



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Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in Blog, Blog, February Themes, Health |

Resolve to Resolve

So it’s the first week of February, how’s that New Year’s resolution going? I’ve found some helpful sites in my search for online motivation (read- procrastination). Here they are:

Mommavation is a blog that includes weight loss advice among many other topics. While it targets women with children, the advice is universal. I like the advice on organic grocery shopping.

Shape has a nice new years resolution challenge to keep us going. Join their free challenge for daily motivation and a chance to be featured in Shape!

Karma Tube has it all. Watch videos, be inspired, do something. The videos can inspire random acts of kindness. Watching others doing amazing things will motivate us to do what we can too!

That Inspires is a nice collection of videos of random acts of kindness, corporate do-gooders, and good Samaritans.


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