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Posted by on Apr 2, 2017 in March Themes, Pirates |

Pirate Week!

Pirate Week!

Pirate Week!

Pirate week can be great fun for your imaginative preschoolers. Your little pirates can make a ship, hooks like Captain Hook, and pirate hats. Your class can go on a treasure hunt, read funny books about pirates, and dance to funny pirate songs.

Treasure Map

Pirate Week! Treasure Map  My terrific TA (teaching assistant) made a great treasure map with an X to mark the spot. Your map will feature architecture unique to your school or center.

X Marks The Spot

Pirate Week! Treasure Box  I picked up this “treasure box” at a local thrift store for around $5. You can use a wooden cigar box. The “jewels” also came from thrift stores costume jewelry department. We put chocolate gold coins on top! Wow did our little pirates love it!

Pirate Week! Treasure Box   Those chocolate coins were a big hit! The next challenge is getting them to carry the coins back to the classroom to eat them.

Pirate Ship

Pirate Week! Pirate Ship  Pirate Week! Pirate Ship  A large appliance box can transform into a pirate ship with a little imagination, black paint and preschoolers! Use care with any box cutter you use. Keep razors and box cutters away from children!

Captain’s Hooks and Hats

Pirate Week! Hats and Hooks  We sent the hats and hooks home at the end of pirate week! Every pirate had their hats and hooks to play with all week. You will want to institute the rule that only hats, hooks, and pirates are allowed in the ship.

Pirate Songs and Books

Veggie Tales Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything  This is a fun song with really funny lyrics.

How I Became A Pirate  In this story your pirates will learn that pirates don’t read bedtime stories and don’t tuck you in, and won’t make you eat veggies! Fun stuff.


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Posted by on Mar 31, 2015 in Blog, Blog, Circus, March Themes |

It’s A 3 Ring Circus!

It’s A 3 Ring Circus!

Under the big top These wall decorations set the stage for this theme.                                                 Similar decorations can be purchased here.

Clown bean bag toss This clown bean bag toss is drawn onto matting board.

Circus Bean Bag Toss This lion bean bag toss is also on matting board but                                             this time its construction paper cut and glued on.

Clown collar To make clown collars for everyone, start by cutting                                            a hole in paper plates. Have the kids decorate them.

Glue On Pom Poms Once they are decorated cut across the width                                                              to open the circle so the kids can wear them like necklaces.

Popcorn & Cotton Candy Popcorn and cotton candy are integral to the circus experience!

popcorn materials  Start with light blue construction paper. Cut white paper to resemble paper bag. Use pinking shears to get zig zag top.

striped popcorn bag Have the kids glue the white bag to the blue paper, then glue the red strips onto their white bag. We used glue sticks.

popcorn delish Add crumpled pale yellow tissue paper to the top and you’ll almost smell the popcorn!


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Posted by on Mar 29, 2015 in Blog, Blog, March Themes, Science |

Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Let’s Go Fly A Kite

We had a post like this before but learning about how wind affects different materials is important and fun! So here we go again.

March is thought of as the windiest month of the year, at least in the north east. So take advantage as we get a few warmer days here and there and get the kids outside!

Make a Mini Kite These are the materials you’ll need to make a kite.

Back side of mini kite Oops, you’ll also need two popsicle sticks. To cut out the kite shape use your FREE pattern at Printables!

Front side mini kite Use glue to stick on the popsicle sticks, tape for the ribbon and string. Now go fly a kite!

flying kites Kites are readily available and fairly cheap in spring time.

0144bb6d4b1dd1e2547ecfe10673c984b96e5a9264_00001 These cool bags fill with air as kids run or ride. Get them here.

Windbag Wonders These Wind Bags are so much fun!

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Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in Blog, Blog, Circus, March Themes |

Welcome To The Circus

Welcome To The Circus

Bring the circus to your classroom!

This display was about $10. Helps to set the scene.   Circus display sets the stage.

Circus Tent    A circus tent can be purchased here

Clown Ruffle Necklace     First kids color their clown necklace.

 Glue On Pom Poms    Then add pompoms. Cut across one side to fit on necks. Dont forget the face paint! 

This happy clown is on mat board. We'll get the pattern on Printables! ASAP!   This happy clown is drawn on mat board. Fun bean bag toss.

Circus Bean Bag Toss



This friendly lion is made  on mat board. Fun bean bag toss.

White glue, shaving cream, & a drop of paint. Mix and spoon a large amount on paper. Use fingers to spread the foam. It will dry foamy. Mix glue, shaving cream, & a drop of paint.

Cotton Candy -shaving cream, glue & a drop of paint   Fun fingerpaint activity.

   The mixture dries fluffy like cotton candy.



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Posted by on Mar 19, 2014 in Blog, Blog, March Themes |

March Madness

March Madness

 Pattern Hats   Dr. Seuss’ birthday is March 2nd! Celebrate with stripes! This is a nice way to practice patterns. If you have extra stripes save them for an activity early next month. Try a laminated version of this in the math center.

Thing 1 & Thing 2   Thing 1 and Thing 2 hand prints. First paint the palm white and the fingers blue, and print. Wash hands and come back to do the red. Paint the hands red, leaving a blank circle in the center and leave the ring fingers unpainted. The pinky and thumb become the arms.  Teachers draw on the happy faces.

St. Patrick’s Day                                                                                                                    Shamrock Hearts   Cut out tons of hearts, not just green, and show the kids how to make their own shamrocks! There’s always a few who linger at the art table to make  bunches of shamrocks.

Wind & Kites                                                                                                                          kites If you don’t want to truly fly your kites because of trees, put only about 5-6 feet of yarn on the kite. Use yarn rather than twine for fewer tangles too!  Teachers demonstrate, then children take turns “flying” the kite.  For this activity dollar stores kites will do. 

How many breaths will it take to fill up a 6 foot plastic bag?                                                                        Weather Balloons  These weather balloons are just as fun as kites. Tie one end closed or use with  both ends open – you can see wind’s effects. Steve Spangler carries Wind Bags here.




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