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Posted by on Aug 30, 2013 in Blog, Blog, Health, Outdoor Play |

Take The Children Outside!

Why Aren’t The Day Care Children Playing Outside? 

The answers found in this article are astounding and embarrassing to the child care field as a whole.  “Flip Flops, Mulch And No Coat” is the rest of the title of this article.    A study completed in May of 2008 concluded the surprising findings. Apparently child care teachers are keeping kids inside because the children in their care come to school unprepared for outdoor play. Flip flops aren’t appropriate for playgrounds with mulch…flip flops aren’t appropriate for day care!  Child care teachers interviewed for the study stated that  sometimes when a child is under the weather parents will take the child’s coat to work with them to prevent their child from being taken outside.

The worst accusation is that child care teachers have been known to keep children indoors so that they can use their cell phone to text and post Facebook ! Embarrassing!

How will child care ever be regarded with respect if this is the behavior of the ‘professionals’?

The answers aren’t astounding.  Many teachers keep extra socks and shoes (in a range of sizes) in the classroom for just these occasions. The answer to the parent who takes the child’s coat is to call the parent to pick the sick child up from school! If they’re too sick to play they’re too sick for school! The answer to the mulch is first the sneakers on children’s feet will prevent the mulch bothering tiny toes. Secondly grab a broom and push the mulch out of your way!

There’s a tendency, lately, to blame parents for problems in schools.  Apparently this attitude isn’t prevalent only in ‘real school’ but its beginning to take hold in child care as well.  Highly trained professionals take challenges head on, and do not pass the buck to the paying customer.

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Posted by on Jul 16, 2013 in Blog, Blog, Health, Outdoor Play |

Heat Wave!

Summer’s Here! With all the fun in the sun don’t forget that all that sunshine can pose health problems, even for kids. Children may not seem to even notice the heat but their bodies are affected just as adults’.  NEVER leave a child in a car or any vehicle, especially in hot weather. The temperature inside a vehicle can rise much higher than the temperature outside, so high that it can cause death. According to the American Academy
of Pediatrics (AAP) children feel the effects of extreme heat just as adults do so parents need to protect children from prolonged exposure. The AAP recommends parents keep children hydrated, find a cool place with air conditioning (try the library or a mall), give children a cool bath or shower, and to remember the effects of sun exposure. More tips and helpful links can be found on their web page at

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