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Posted by on Aug 26, 2013 in Back to School, Blog, Blog, Readiness, September Themes, Teaching Strategies |

Preschool Preperations

Preschool Preperations

First day of school blues can range anywhere from butterflies in the tummy to full-blown tears and temper tantrums! To keep your first day as clam as possible there are a few steps you can take in preparation.

1. Get back into the school-night bedtime routine. If you and your child are new to the back-to-school routine, start with a solid bed time routine. About a week before school starts, (now!) begin a bedtime that allows your child at least 8 hours of shut eye.

2. Plan ahead and shop for healthy breakfasts and lunches (if needed) a week in advance. Preparing lunches and even breakfast the night before will save time and prevent stress!

3. Prepare at least one change of clothes including socks and underwear. Most preschool teachers have a system and a place for each child’s belongings.

4. Set up playdates, if possible with other children from your preschool. Your local library or community center might offer free events for young children. Time spent interacting with others will help your child prepare socially and emotionally to the preschool environment.

5. No long goodbyes! Don’t be shocked if your child cries!  Maintaining a calm, positive demeanor will do you all a favor. Your child will pick up on your vibe. Ask the teacher if there’s a good time to call to check your child (if you’re child is really upset).

6. Parent involvement is important, even in preschool! Children have better long term outcomes when parents are involved. Talk to your child’s teacher (or child care provider) regularly about your child’s development.

7. Take advantage of any parent/family activities offered by your child’s preschool or child care center. These activities give parents a chance to network and children a chance to form friendships that might last a lifetime.

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