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?Apples For The Teachers ?

?Apples For The Teachers ?

 The tradition is for the children bring apples for the teacher. Teachers also bring apples to the children. These apple activities will be fun for all!

Every Apple Holds A Star – Science

Let’s take a close look at apples. Bring one or two apples, that have their stem and a leaf still attached, to circle time on a plate or tray along with a magnifying glass. Children can learn to hold the magnifying glass away from their eye and over the apple to get a close look. Talk about all of the parts of the apple. Skin, flesh, core, seeds, stem, and leaf. Then ask if the children know there’s a star in every apple. Cut the apple across the middle and take a look at the star with the magnifying glass!

 Apple Tasting And Graphing – Math

This is another great circle time activity. Prepare enough slices of red, green, yellow apples for each child to taste each type. Bring one each whole red, green and yellow apples to circle along with a enough napkins for each child. Also have prepared precut apple shapes of the same colors. You’ll need a marker to write each child’s name and masking tape circles to stick your apples on your graph.

Every child gets one of each color apple slice to taste. Talk about sweet and sour tastes. Remind your children to think about which apple slice they like the most.

After everyone tastes go around the circle asking each child which they liked the best. Simply jot each child’s name on the apple color they choose. Tape all the like colors in a row. You now have a graph. There are other ways to do graphing. You can see how others do it here and here.

These are good graphs but I’m looking for one that helps the kids really see which got chosen more.

Apple Turnovers With Preschoolers – Cooking With Preschoolers

The easiest way we’ve found to bake apple turnovers with the kids is to use refigerated biscuit dough from a tube. Bake on parchment paper so you can write the children’s names as you place each turnover.

Apples For The Teachers Turnovers

Apples For The Teachers   

Smiling Apples – Cooking With Children

Apples For The Teachers  Apple slices, peanut butter (sun butter), and mini marshmallows.

Paper Towel Apple Printing – Art

These apples are made with aper towel tubes with a crease in them and dipped in paint. Offer all three colors for the children to dip into. When they’re done add little stems to each printed apple.

Apples For The Teachers

Apples For The Teachers

Apples For The Teachers

Apple Printing – Art

Apples For The Teacher  Cut your apples in half  crosswise as pictured. Put a craft stick into the uncut side. Dip into paint and print onto paper. You should be able to see the star in the print.

Team Building – Art

Apples For The Teachers

The children worked in small groups to paint this tree. Each child chose green, yellow, or red apple to add to our tree.

One Bad Apple – Fine Motor

We filled our sensory table with paper apples, and hole punches, and bits of green yarn (worms). Our children did have a hard time at first making holes but most were successful after a few tries. Lacing the yarn in and out of the holes was less challenging for our three year olds.

Apples For The Teachers

Apples For The Teachers  ⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️





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Preschoolers Honor Patriots Day

Preschoolers Honor Patriots Day

??Preschoolers Honor Patriots Day??

Some of out preschoolers had their first day today. This is what they’ll be bringing home tonight.

Preschoolers Honor Patriots Day

Happy Patriots Day to you all.


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September Songs

September Songs

September Songs

Our September songs and art will be bushels of fun for your preschoolers. The action songs are always fun to do over and over! Try adding some apple tasting and cooking activities for a fun week.

Below you’ll find September themes and the songs we sing around each theme.


It’s All About Me

I’ve Got Two Eyes  (video)

I’ve got two eyes, oh yeah. I’ve got two eyes, oh yeah. I’ve got two eyes and they’re both the same size.               I’ve got two ears, oh yeah, I’ve got two ears oh yeah. I’ve got two ears and they’re both the same size.                 Add more body parts as needed. The children can choose the parts to count!


Later in the month we study apples. These are the songs we include for the week.

September Songs

I’m A Little Apple Tree

I’m a little apple tree. (Hold arms up as branches)                                                                                                           All my apples grow on me.                                                                                                                                                       I mustn’t sneeze, I mustn’t cough,                                                                                                                                     or all my apples will fall off! (Cover your sneezes with our elbow)

Way Up High In The Apple Tree  (video)

Way up high in the apple tree
(Stretch both arms above your head, hands open)
Two little apples smiled at me
(Close hands into fists)
I shook that tree as hard as I could
(Shake the tree)
Down came the apples
(Bring fists down)
Mmmm, they were good!
(Rub stomach)

September Songs

Back To School

We start off the year with school buses in the block area along with the little people to take to school. Our first art project is painting school buses.

September Songs  These buses will go on this bulletin board.

Wheels On The Bus

The wheels on the bus go round and round (make rolling motion with hands)                                                                                           round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the town.

The people on the bus go up and down (stretch body up and down while seated)                                                                                       up and down, up and down. The people on the bus go up and down, all through the town.

The baby on the bus goes waa waa waa (pretend to cry rubbing eyes)                                                                                                           waa waa waa, waa waa waa. The baby on the bus goes waa waa waa all through the town.

The mommy on the bus says shh shh shh (index finger over shushing mouth)                                                                                           shh shh shh, shh shh shh. the mommy on the bus goes shh shh shh all through the town.

The daddy on the bus says baby don’t cry (wag index finger)                                                                                                                         baby don’t cry, baby don’t cry. The daddy on the bus says baby don’t cry all through the town.

Variations: Additional verses, driver on the bus says move on back; door on the bus goes open and shut; wipers on the bus go swish swish swish (only if its raining outside); lights on the bus go blink, blink, blink…

We change the place the bus goes! Rather than “…all through the town” our bus goes “…all through the city, mountains, oceans, even all through the day care! Fun stuff

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb.                                                                                                                 Mary had a little lamb, its fleece as white as snow.                                                                                                           Everywhere that Mary went, Mary went, Mary went                                                                                                         Everywhere that Mary went the lamb was sure to go.                                                                                                   He followed her to school one day, school one day school one day.                                                                               He followed her to school one day, which was against the rules.                                                                                 He made the children laugh and play, laugh and play, laugh and play.                                                                       He made the children laugh and play, to see a lamb at school.

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Preschool Marker Box

Preschool Marker Box

You can make this Preschool Marker Box if your school buys markers in the big bulk boxes. I made this with free paint swatches and an empty bulk marker box with the lid cut off.


Empty bulk marker box

Paint swatches


Tacky glue


What to do:

Cut the lid off a bulk marker box. Cut your swatches to fit in the empty spaces. Coat the under side of the swatches with tacky glue and stick in place. Have your kids sort their markers! The whole thing should take about 10 minutes to put together.


Preschool Marker Box     IMG_2451

Of course it takes practice to always have lids on tight and markers in their respective places.  😉


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Back To School ⚠️?

Back To School ⚠️?

Welcome Back To School!

This post contains affiliate links.

Some move into the new year with enthusiasm and excitement. Others start the year kicking and screaming. These are the teachers I’m talking about here!   Welcome back to school everyone!

These are some of the books we’ll read with this theme.

Back To School Bulletin Board We start the year with simple art projects that involve a few easy steps. Our room has a huge bulletin board so we turn it into a road and pin up school buses personalized with each child’s picture.

Back To School Bulletin Board  Drive your bus through a puddle…of paint. Use any color you like. Now make tracks on your bus! We’ve always stuck with black but I might try giving choices this year. I’ll update this with colorful pics if it goes well. If it goes poorly you’ll never know! lol

image Wheels on the bus ?  Put the wheels on the bus. With a dab of glue. This is many children’s first experience with glue so expect come big puddles.

image  Now add the driver to the front of the bus. Each child adds their photo to their bus.

Finished  ? The Wheels On the bus?

Here’s a fun (Dubstep Remix) version of Wheels On The Bus By DJ Hans Solo



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Apples of Our Eyes

Apples of Our Eyes

image Every child tasted all 3 types of apples.

Apple Chart  This is our apple tasting chart

Apple tree     ?  I’m a little apple tree, all my apples grow on me. I mustn’t sneeze, I mustn’t cough or all my apples will fall off!                                                                                   Aahh-choo! Aah-choo! (Catch you sneeze in your elbow) ?

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