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Posted by on Jul 16, 2018 in Beach Theme, July Themes, Ocean Theme, Themes |

Ocean Theme

Ocean Theme

Ocean Theme

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Ocean Sensory Bottles

Ocean Theme    A student teacher helped our kiddos make these cute ocean theme sensory bottles.  You can add stickers on the outside, even on the lid. You can add sand and tiny seashells to the bottles. Fun Stuff.

Life’s A Beach

Ocean Theame Ocean Theme  Like a Zen Garden only it’s a beach. Kids can make this their happy place. Add a few props and the kids get it.

Ocean Theme  Now might be a good time to take a field trip to your local aquarium. Wikipedia has a great list of links to hundreds of aquaria across the country here.

Yellow Submarine

    Ocean Theme  One of our three’s teachers put this yellow submarine together for her Ocean Theme. She ran some plain lamination paper through the machine for her porthole windows. A dollar store peerascope is a great addition. Stinking cute!


Ocean Theme  When your submarine dives deep you might encounter a SHARK!  This one isn’t so scary, made of masking tape.

Ocean Theme   Speaking of sharks, we take this as a Pinterest success! We left off the back fin but our kids enjoyed making and wearing their shark hats.

Here are a few books our class thought were great!
Shark Dog! is very cute for preschoolers.                         Gilbert is great!

Jellyfish Sensory Bottle

Ocean Theme    One plastic bag can make two jellyfish Cut a plastic bag into two large squares. Stuff the scraps into the middle to make a head. Then tie this off with white yarn or floss.

    Cut strips toward the head to make long tendrils.

    Plopp your jellyfish in a plastic bottle and fill with light blue water.

Ocean Theme   The jellyfish will move more freely in a bigger bottle.

Ocean Theme  We gave these jellyfish big eyes for some reason. Who knows. lol

Ocean Theme  This is the Pinterest we were going for. Can’t nail ‘em all. lol

Ocean Theme  The jelly fish in this mural is actually one from the above pic. It’s just paper bowl inverted, with ribbon glued on the under side. We added eyes. Don’t ask. lol


Ocean Theme  All types of fish are found in the Ocean, even Rainbow Fish! ? You’ll need a class supply of fish patterns, bleeding tissue paper, small cups of water, and paint brushes. You can have the tissue paper precut or have the children rip some into small shapes. The children will lay the tissue paper all over their fish and paint over the whole thing with the water. When the tissue paper is dry, the kids remove the tissue paper to reveal the colors!

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