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Posted by on Jan 17, 2017 in Art, Blog, Bulletin Boards, January Themes, Pre-School Teachers, Teacher/Provider Resources, Winter |

Preschool Winter Bulletin Boards

Preschool Winter Bulletin Boards

Preschool Winter Bulletin Boards

Many of these preschool winter bulletin boards were actually made by preschoolers!

Preschool Winter Bulletin Boards Wish List Ideas  We used the Shel Sliverstein book The Giving Tree as the basis for our classroom “wish list” of items parents can donate to our class. This display changes with the seasons. Colorful leaves and apples are programmed with wish list items for fall, green leaves and pretty flowers for spring and summer.

Preschool Winter Bulletin Boards Winter Scene Next we have a pretty scene that was created by two year olds! Glueing and glittering was done on the table then the teachers hung the work of art under their twisted paper tree.

Preschool Winter Bulletin Boards Tissue Paper Snowman  This big guy was also made by two year olds, with some help from their teachers. They started with the two circles, the toddlers ripped and shredded white tissue paper. The children glued the paper to the circles and teachers added the features.

Preschool Winter Bulletin Boards Giant Snowflake  Finally we have this giant snowflake. It’s hard to tell from the pic but this snowflake is about 2 1/2 feet wide! And the really cool thing is that it was made by infants! Wish the teachers would have checked here before they cut the shape though.




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Posted by on Jan 13, 2017 in Art, Blog, January Themes, Winter |

Polar Bears and Igloos

Polar Bears and Igloos

Polar Bears and Igloos

Polar Bears

Polar Bears & Igloos   This theme is called Polar Bears and Igloos. First print out a class supply of this bear. The children will paint over this, then remove it, creating negative space. Check out our polar bear and igloo display!

Polar Bears & Igloos  Next wet the finger paint paper. Don’t forget this important step.
Polar Bears & Igloos  Kids can do this part. We want the children to learn new art techniques. Teachers demonstrate and guide.

Polar Bears and Igloos  Lay the polar bear cut out on the wet paper. The bear cut out becomes flimsy when wet. Children might need some help with this step.

Finger Painting Over Polar Bear  Kids finger paint over the whole paper. Here’s the fun part!

Polar Bears & Igloos  Finally while the paint is still wet peal way the polar bear cutout. Children might need some help with this part too. Don’t throw away the bear cut outs, they look cool in your display too!


Polar Bears & Igloos  How will you display your polar bear negative space art? We added them as a back drop to an arctic play center. Tiny wooden penguin, plush baby seals, polar bears, and indigenous people all get a spot on the table thats been covered with white felt “snow”.  If you’re feeling really ambitious you can try putting together one of these igloos!

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Snowmen & Snowflakes

Snowmen & Snowflakes

Snowmen & Snowflakes

Giant 3 Texture Snowman

Welcome winter, make snowmen and snowflakes! Build this giant 3 texture snowman with your preschoolers to welcome winter! Start with the 3 different size large white circles. Divide your class into three teams, each team gets a body part to build. You can use any 3 white materials you have on hand. The team with the base (the biggest circle) can glue on cotton balls; the team with the middle part can glue on white tissue paper; and the team the smallest circle can glue on millions of tiny styrofoam balls! Such fun! You can pick up a bag of millions of white hole punches, or use white glitter.

Welcome Winter Make Snowmen & Snowflakes   Welcome Winter Make Snowmen & Snowflakes   image

Snowmen & Snowflakes

Tissue Paper Snowmen

Tissue paper snowmen are simple enough for toddlers. They can rip and squish the tissue paper before gluing onto the snowman shape. Then they just add the features.

Preschoolers will enjoy building the snowman first then adding tissue paper and features.

Tissue Paper Snowmen

Melted Snowmen

Puddles of glue on wax paper begin the process for these cute snowmen that got too warm. Have the children add the features while the glue is still wet. Too cute!

Melted Snowmen

Craft Stick Snowflakes

Three craft sticks, white glue and tacky glue, glitter, white paint (optional), yarn or string and woodsies (small wooden shapes). Teachers can help the children build the snowflake shape useing tacky glue to hold it together. Add the woodsies, and paint or cover with white glue and glitter. Oh, last tie a string and hang.

Snowmen & Snowflakes   Snowmen & Snowflakes

Negitive Space Snowflakes

These are made by placing masking tape, on the paper, in the shape of snowflakes. The children then paint covering the tape. You can encourage them to cover the whole paper with blue paint. Sprinkle on a little silver glitter for sparkle.

Winter Snowmen and Snowflakes



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Posted by on Jan 9, 2017 in Art, Blog, Books, January Themes, Math & Science, Winter |

Penguin Page

Penguin Page

Penguin Page

Everything here on the Penguin Page will be related to penguins. There’s art, flannel board stories, science activities, and links to cool penguin sites.

Tube Penguin

First lets look at paper towel tube penguins. We don’t use toilet paper tubes because of the yuck factor. Start by cutting paper towel tubes in half. The pattern is posted on the Printables! page

Penguin Page Tube Penguin   FREE pattern found on Printables!

Flannel Board Penguin Matching

Since preschoolers are captivated by flannel stories try this matching game. Make 2 sets for fun preschool matching games. Find a FREE pattern on Printables!

Penguin Page Flannel Matching

Penguin Belly Slides

Our school is lucky to have lots of gym equipment. So we set this up on Penguin day. If there’s a way, maybe a Little Tikes slide, that you can make this happen the preschoolers will love it!

Penguin Page Belly Slides

Heart Penguin

These little penguins have lots of heart! Free pattern on Printables! 

Penguin Page Heart Penguin

Paper Plate Penguin

Paint the back of the plates black, fold sides in, then top down. Now add the features. Too cute! Free pattern on Printables!

Penguin Page Paper Plate Penguin

Footprint Penguins

Another fun penguin activity. Take their shoes off and tickle their toes!

Penguin Page Footprint Penguins

Dictation Penguins

Dictate the children’s answers when you ask…”Where do you think these two are going?”

Penguin Page Dictate a Story

Science Penguins

Any realistic printed penguin picture will do. Penguins’ feathers don’t let water get to their skin. Rub black crayon hard onto the paper and spray with water. Talk about kid’s observations. After children color very hard with black crayon, spray the penguin with water. Talk about their observations.

Penguin Page How Penguins Stay Dry   Penguin Page

Live Penguin Camera

Penguin Books

Check out these fun books and author’s websites to help your preschool class learn all they can about penguins.

little penguins tale

nat geo book

In conclusion let me add that your study of penguins can last as long as the children are interested. We usually go for two weeks.

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