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Posted by on Jul 22, 2019 in Art, Blog, Zoo |

Welcome to the Zoo!

Welcome to the Zoo!

Going to the zoo is a fun summertime activity. Many schools and child care centers go on field trips to local zoos. Even if you can’t take them to the zoo you can bring the animals to life for the kiddos. Welcome to the Zoo is a kind of play on words that most parents get when they see the sign on the classroom door. 😉

These are some of our favorite books that bring the zoo to life for little ones. 

Story Extenders

Welcome to the Zoo   My favorite preschool site (besides this one) is She has a really nice early math flannel board lesson using the book Color Zoo by Lois Ehlert.

Welcome to the Zoo After reading Goodnight Gorilla the zoo activity at will be great fun for very young kiddos.

Welcome to the Zoo  The blog has some great large motor activities, as well as some letter recognition ideas around the book 1, 2, 3, Zoo by Eric Carl.

Large Motor Zoo Fun

Kids In Motion

Year after year our preschoolers have loved Greg & Steve’s Kids In Motion CD. For this theme we play Animal Action I & II. They love doing their impression of each animal. You can purchase it here.

Kids Moving

Welcome to the Zoo Another of my favorite preschool sites is She does sell her lessons, usually for just $3.00. This lesson is all large motor activities.

Animal Art

Making Tracks
Zoo Animal Tracks   Zoo Animals    This project is so simple. We’ve been doing this project for years with zoo, farm, pets, and wild animals. When I saw it on one of my favorite preschool sites, I knew I should share it too. Just round up a few of the appropriate animals, some corresponding paint, paper plates or some shallow trays for the paint, and paper. Have the children dip the hooves or paws into the paint and take their animal for a walk on the paper.

Handprint Zoo Animals

Hand print zoo #2    Handprint animals with teacher painted details.We began this labor intensive project Monday morning while the children did the Making Tracks project. The latter being a more open ended. This hand print project is so cute though!      

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears! Oh My! 

Welcome to the Zoo  Well lions anyway. Teachers just cut the center out of paper plates for the class. Teachers or children can cut brown, orange, and yellow strips. The children glue strips in a pattern, onto their plate. Orange, yellow, brown, repeat. Add a craft stick and they have their lion masks.

Zoo Snacks

Animals in the grass    Add a drop of food color to cream cheese, spread on crackers and stand your animal crackers in the cream cheese for a fun zoo snack!

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