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Feb. Preschool Themes

Groundhog’s Day • Valentine’s Day • Dental Hygiene  • Olympics •

Groundhogs Day!



Silver Medal!      Make these silver medals for your little Olympians!

Cardboard circle & tin foil     Start with a tagboard or cardboard circle and aluminum foil.

Fold foil around circle     Fold foil around circle.

We used crape paper for ribbon      Crepe paper ribbon.

Tape ribbon to medal.     Tape the ribbon onto the medal.

Silver Medal!     Write each child’s name on their medal.  Add a few foil stars.  Present the medals at a big ceremony.

Winter-Olympic-Torch-Craft       Featured at Make and Takes                                                                                                                                               Ice Cream Olympic Torch As Featured On     

 speed skating    Speed Skate Beginners Get One Skate

Olympic figure skating     Figure Skating With Waxed Paper & Rubber Bands – Slide On Carpet


Groundhog’s Day is February 2nd!

ground hog copy

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Valentine’s Day is February 14th!
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Love on a straw   <3 on straw                                                                                                                                These are easy to cut out of construction paper & look so cute at party time.

Valentines Circle Time                                                                                              Bring a class supply of paper hearts, in all colors, along with a marker to circle time. Ask the children to think of some words that show love.  Keep it simple write words like: love, hug, kiss, mommy, daddy, family, story time, blanket, flower, candy, teddy bear,  puppy, kitty on each heart. Read all the hearts and discus each item.  Next have the other teachers take the children for a quick walk in the hall.   While they’re gone quickly hide (leaving a bit of each heart showing) all of the hearts.  When they all come back in they go on a heart hunt! When they find one they are to bring it back to their spot at circle time.

 Dental Hygiene

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Fun foam tooth                                       tooth brushing sensory table                                                                        This big tooth is cut from fun foam          These “teeth” are 3 liter bottle bottoms cut and stapled together