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Posted by on Mar 9, 2020 in Art, Blog, Fund Raising |

Fund Raiser Art Galla Brings In Over $4000

Fund Raiser Art Galla Brings In Over $4000

Fund Raiser Art Gala

This year our fund raiser did very well, bringing in just over $4000! Each of our 15 classes (only 13 are shown here) made a piece to be silently auctioned off at the Art Gala. Art by adult artists was also donated and auctioned. There was a cash bar, light hors d’oeuvres, and musicians to set the mood, all items were donated.

Fund Raiser Art Gala   Fund Raiser Art Gala

Fund Raiser Art Galla   This rainbow over a tree was done by two year olds whose teachers and parents saved applesauce and yogurt lids for weeks! 🌈
Fund Raiser Art Galla   Lemonade anyone? Toddler teachers made this oh so cute lemonade set. The two year olds used their finger prints and the teachers turned them into bumblebees. 

Fund Raiser Art Gala   This beautiful masterpiece was made by blowing bubbles! Our one year olds blew bubbles for a good cause to make this.
Fund Raiser Art Gala  Each child in one of our three year old classes is represented with a triangle that they painted themselves. 

Fund Raiser Art Galla   These are bubble wrap on canvas works of art. The children in one of our infant rooms painted on bubble wrap and then teachers transferred it onto the canvas.

Fund Raiser Art Galla   Can you tell this class is called Polar Bears? There are about a million tiny white fingerprints making each of these bears on chairs look furry. Made by three year olds.

Fund Raiser Art Gala    Our one year old class called Ducklings made this cute little spotted duck with their finger prints.

Fund Raiser Art Gala   Reach for the stars! These high fives are brought to you by our big kids! Each child in one of our four year old classes decorated a cut out of their own hand print for this bright work of art. 

Fund Raiser Art Galla   Another three year old class took inspiration from Eric Carle for this little book shelf. They included some plush toys to represent some of Carle’s most loved story books. 

Fund Raiser Art Galla   A two year old classroom made this 3D wave with sea glass and sea shells. Take me to the beach! 

Fund Raiser Art Gala   Hands full of love. Each child in another four & five year old class put their hands down for this lovely piece of work. The heart frame came from a thrift store.

Fund Raiser Art Galla   Our second infant room teachers were thinking spring when the started working on this in mid February. Tiny feet prints make these butterflies special. 🦋

Fund Raiser Art Gala   Lastly these four & five year olds were inspired by their home town to make this cool masterpiece.