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How to babyproof your home

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Dangling Cord

If you’re a new parent or expecting soon, congratulations! You’re going to want to make safety a priority before the baby starts moving. You’ll need to know how to babyproof your home.

First Things First

While your baby is very young you wont have to do much baby proofing, but some babies start crawling and cruising as early as nine months. Because of this you’ll want to begin babyproofing your home early.

Get Down to Their Level

To understand what hazards the environment poses to your child, sit down on the floor, you’ve got to see things from your child’s level. You’ll need to go room to room, sit on the floor looking for things that could tip, fall, or be pulled down on top of your child.  In rooms like kitchen, bath, laundry rooms you’ll want to put any toxic cleaning solutions,  medications, or breakable objects out of reach. Safety latches attached to cupboards and drawers will be very helpful.
These products can help get you started.

Any cords hanging within the reach of children should be pulled back behind furniture or moved out of reach. This is especially important in terms of window blinds and other window treatments. The site has lots of info on this impportant safety measure.

Hint Mama  has some beautiful solutions to keeping the kids safe all around the house.  The blog, written by  Jennifer Saranow Schultz, is full of links to other great blogs and sites pertaining to parenting. She has a category  dedicated to childproofing, with many great posts.

A fun blog for parents is The Art of Making a Baby. Here you’ll find nice ideas for high quality products to babyproof your home to help you protect your child. The Palo Alto Medical Foundation has a list of products available for parents to help baby proof your home.  Please remember that no device or product is 100% effective. Children require constant supervision to prevent accidents.