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How to childproof your Ipad

How to childproof your iPad

This post will show you how to childproof your iPad. The kids generally know more about the tech devices than the adults! That said, you’ll want to get comfortable with your settings app to keep your device safe from little fingers tapping the wrong thing and purchasing things you aren’t aware of. There are features that can prevent little fingers from deleting apps, and restrict children from gaming with strangers on the device.

The first thing you’ll want to do is set “Restrictions” in you iPad’s settings app. Settings looks like a gear. Simply tap the app.

Once inside the settings app you will tap “General” on the lefthand menu.

Next on the right you will scroll until you find “Restrictions” on the menu.

Once in “Restrictions”, touch Enable Restrictions at the top. You will be asked for a four-digit passcode. This passcode is used to change the restrictions settings in the future.  Make sure it is not something your child can easily guess.  This passcode can be different from the passcode used to unlock the device. If you want to give your child access to the iPad, you can choose a different code for the restrictions than used for the passcode lock.

Once you have the passcode set you will be offered a list of all the apps you can restrict. The green dots are like switches. Touch one and it will move to the off position. If one is off that you want on simply tap it.

Sites & Blogs To Help Keep Your Device Safe

The site has a pretty comprehensive explanation of ways to keep your iPad safe from little hands.

Alison J. Herzog, blogger at, has an informative post that covers just about all you need to keep your device safe while the kids get their turn. As she points out though, her advice won’t protect your device from teething or dropping!

Another nice “mommy blog” called has posted good advice for parents to consider before handing over the iPad to the kids.

Cases That Keep Your iPad Safe

There are many protective cases to consider when handing the iPad to children. Here are just a few.

These are screen covers. Very important to protect the screen.