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How to choose the right preschool

Finding the right preschool has become such an important decision in some cities that parents become stressed, spend long hours touring and applying, and sometimes spend a fortune on preschool.  In LA,  NYC and elsewhere many parents submit to grueling interviews, arbitrary rules, and  hidden criteria for enrollment into the most prestigious private preschools.  The stakes are high.

This movie was released in 2009 but is still  a very accurate portrayal of the state of preschool admissions in many cities.  The movie is available on Netflix, iTunes, or purchase the DVD at Nursery University

Children’s education is very important to parents, and to the general public.  These private preschools  funnel children into the best parochial schools. A rejection in preschool can alter a child’s entire education. Most parents are aware of the controversy over the Common Core State Standards. Most parents are also aware of the United States’ mediocre  education statistics. Whatever your political views, the fact remains, the education of our nation’s future leaders is very important.  Parents know how high the stakes are.