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How to cook with kids

Call the kids into the kitchen! Cooking with kids has more benefit than cooking for them.   According to a study, conducted in Alberta Canada,  when you cook with kids they’re more likely to eat fruits and veggies. Bringing the kids in the kitchen means safety come first.  Constant supervision is necessary.  Be careful that kids follow rules for food safety as well as personal safety. Here’s a  video  with some great guidelines and ideas for getting kids in the kitchen.

Keep your recipes easy, get organized, and keep it clean!  The fewer the ingredients the better.  Gather all your ingredients and tools, keep your work space clean, and be vigilant about cross contamination.  Oh, and have fun!

apple pie 2                     apple pie 3                   212                                              Older kids can use plastic knives to cut apples. Use biscuit dough, sprinkle cinnamon & sugar, fold and bake till golden.  Each kid’s name is written in sharpie marker on parchment paper.  Apple turn overs!