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Posted by on Aug 3, 2016 in Bedtime, Blog, Child Care Product Review, Sleep Issues |

How To Get Babies To Sleep

How To Get Babies To Sleep

Back To Sleep

Safe To Sleep

Knowing how to get babies to sleep will help you get some rest. Puting your baby to sleep on her back will help you rest assured. Take  a look at this study, published in the journal Pediatrics regarding SIDS deaths in babies who are swaddled. The study compared deaths of swaddled babies against the number of babies who had not been swaddled. As noted by Emanuella Grinberg in her CNN piece the actual truth about the danger is a bit more nuanced than the journal depicts. The bottom line is all babies should sleep on their backs until they are able to roll over on their own, at which time continued swaddling is dangerous.

First, Is The Baby Tired?

The first thing to think about when deciding nap or bed time is if the baby is truly tired. Consider her day. Did she ride in the car seat all morning doing errands with mommy? Did she have an active day with lots of tummy time or other activities? These are all important to take note of before you begin the bed time rituals.

Next, Begin The Rituals

Once you’re sure she’s ready for bed it’s time to begin the rituals. These rituals will look a little different in each household. A warm bath with lavedar baby wash, cozy pajamas, a few minutes being rocked in the rocking chair, a soft lullaby are great things to include. The trick is to do the same things in the same order every nap or bedtime. Your child will find comfort in knowing what to expect next.

Bedtime Help for Young Kids

Sleepy Head

There’s a new baby doll on the market that will be the answer for many parents who struggle night after night getting babies to sleep. There are so many products, books, and articles designed to help parents get and keep kids asleep that it’s hard to know whose advice to take.

Children have been giving their parents trouble at bedtime through the ages. In the 1950’s (as far back through the ages this research is going 😉 parents relied on The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care By Dr. Spock. Back then the common practice was to let infants cry themselves to sleep. Spock referred to babies’ “chronic resistance to sleep” and offered the cure. The way to ensure that the infant doesn’t “get away with such tyranny,” he wrote, was to “say good night affectionately but firmly, walk out of the room, and don’t go back.” We know better now although the tyranny isn’t over!

This is where Lulla comes in. Lulla can get your baby to sleep and keep her asleep!

The Lulla Doll is a soft plush doll with a sound box inside like no other on the market. The sound is pre recorded sound of a woman’s calm breathing and heartbeat. It plays on a loop for eight, yes 8 hours!

Lulla has an Indiegogo page where the doll has raised over $300,000.00!

I’d to hear from any parents who have presented Luna to their baby.

How to Get Babies To Sleep

Please keep in mind this isn’t officially a review of the doll as I haven’t actually tried it but here’s one that I fully enjoyed. Warning language NSFW.

My love for a creep – The Lulla Doll review

More On Swaddling

There are other ways to successfully get babies to sleep. Swaddling is an age old practice that has come under fire in recent years. Swaddling is a contributing factor in SIDS deaths of infants. Many parents have decided against swaddling yet their infants still find sleep.

Still, many parent have decided to swaddle until the child can roll over. Here’s a great video of a dad swaddling his newborn.

Shhhh Finally The Baby Is Sleeping!

You tip toe out of the nursery. She’s finally asleep. The doorbell rings which makes the dog bark …and the baby cry! If you can get to her soon enough you might get right back down, but there’s someone waiting at the door.

This scenario plays out in many homes at nap and bed times. Being a bit proactive can prevent these kind of startled awakinings. Give white noise a try. Put the machine on as soon as you enter the nursery with the tired child. It’s there first cue to settle down for sleep. Now run through your bedtime routine. Sudden household sounds might not be so startling.

At last sleep.

Good night to all. Sleep well.  💤