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How to get kids to do homework

Homework has always been a hassle but now with the added stress of the national common core standards, homework gets even more stressful.  Kids really do better in school when their parents and teachers are working together toward the child’s education. A team approach working toward the same goal – teaching the children is the key to success. is a great blog that address the homework stress issue. The blog has lots of parenting tips but doesn’t seem to be a homeschooling blog. Check it out for some nice ideas for keeping homework time organized and efficient. is a blog dedicated to spelling. Geared toward home schoolers, the site lists many resources, and provides tips on every topic  from, breakfast and why it’s so important; to  vowels and why they are so important. offers a video conference with  from 4 different educators, who are also parents, on the topic of homework from the teacher’s viewpoint. They discuss reward/punishment  around homework. ADHD and strategies to keep kids focused and build good study habits. Best advice – older kids with cell phones – take a pic of the board where assignments are written.

Some of the advice gleaned from these sites is listed below.

To get kids to do their homework…

• keep electronics, phone, tv, and socializing, for after homework is completed.

• schedule the time for homework each night and stick to it.

• consider scheduling homework time in the morning.

• be there but don’t be a helicopter!

• be organized keep, ruler, pencils, pens, scissors, stapler, paper clips, and any other things your kids  will need.

• make a habit to write down assignments in classroom agenda.

• parents make a habit to read assignments in classroom agenda. Be aware of all assignments.

• watch for signs of frustration. Nip it in the bud, talk things through, what’s not working?

• break large assignments up into smaller more manageable tasks.

• keep hydrated and fueled. Busy brains use a lot of energy.

• respect the teacher and reward kids hard work.