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How to get kids to eat new foods.

Children who attend day care generally eat  two meals and a snack at the center.  Of course they don’t all eat everything that’s offered but day care teachers do use particular techniques that help kids try new foods. Research has shown that children will try a new food only after seeing it 7-15 times! So be patient!

When introducing new foods be sure to do so only one at a time. Try making the new food a side dish the first few times. Kids sometimes grouse and complain, all the while they actually like the new food. They just need to get past that initial first taste!

Kids will be more likely to try a new food that they have helped prepare or even grow it! While gardening with kids is a whole other topic, cooking with kids isn’t so unpopular. Simple things like measuring, mixing, and pouring can make kids feel they’ve had a hand in the prep.

At day care teachers eat with the children…even if the teacher doesn’t care for a food s/he gives it a try. Showing kids the best example will eventually pay off. There’s bound to be some foods you will never get your child to eat, but what could be better than seeing you eating everything offered.

Use your patients with your kids at meal times. If they’re really not getting a balanced diet you might consider vitamin supplements for your children. Talk with your child’s pediatrician if you are concerned about their health.

These links might be helpful in making mealtime pleasant for everyone at the table.