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Posted by on Mar 28, 2014 in Blog, Blog, Health |

How to get kids to take medicine

It’s difficult enough to have a sick child. Getting the sick child to take their medication can make it even more stressful. To top it off when you look online you find 13,600,000 different sites discussing the topic. I thought I’d add one that attempts to compile some of the most sensible.

Follow your physician’s instructions when giving any medication. Remember some medications are to be taken with food, some can’t be taken with certain foods, others are taken with no food. Always make sure the instructions are clear and you understand them.

Equally important is the route medication is given. Liquids are given by mouth, some pills might be chewable but others must not be broken or chewed. Understanding how to give medication is as important as how much to give.

Now, how to actually get the medication into the sick child’s mouth?  It really depends on the adult’s approach to the situation more than any other factor. Staying calm and handling the medication with a matter-of-fact attitude will help the whole thing go smoother.  If this kind of approach is used the first time medication is given, any subsequent medications will be taken more readily.