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How to set up a homework station

A dedicated place to do homework helps keeps kids focused and on task.  The kitchen table might be too noisy with many distraction as the hub of many homes, other families do homework at the kitchen table as a rule. Some kids need a place, separated from the activities of the family, to concentrate. This space can be as simple as a small desk in the dining room, to an elaborate work space in a rehabbed closet.  Check out these tools to get you started then watch the videos for inspiration.
                  has a collection of  14 different homework stations that are all DIY. Some of these stations are personalized with the child’s name. The slideshow displays each station and a link to the how to. is a very nice site overall. The site is affiliated with Disney.

Be sure you stock the station with all the supplies your child will need to get the job done. Make sure there’s a place for things like:

Paper                                            Pencils

Pens                                              Ruler

Stapler                                         Calculator

Paperclips                                  Markers