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July Preschool Themes


Happy Independence Day!

Patriotic String Art

July Themes   July Theme  This is simple string art with the string taped to a craft stick. Add a bit of glue to the paint. When the string painting is done add red silver and blue glitter!

July Themes  These fireworks come to us from blog. Made with paper towel tubes!

Really Safe Sparklers

July Themes   Die cut stars are pictured but you can cut any star pattern for this. Get a free star pattern on our Printables! page.

July Themes   Add glitter and a red, blue or even silver chenille stick for safe ‘sparklers’.

? And he called it Macaroni. ?

  July Themes  Kids love stickers so offer them a supply of foil stars to add to their hat. Oh and maybe a feather.

Picnic Season