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June Preschool Themes

[heading style=”2″]Camping • Construction • Transportation • Father’s Day[/heading]



Set up a tent in the classroom! Camping books, a few pillows, and a couple low intensity flashlights…oh the fun they will have!

Marshmallow Art!

Have a great camping trip!


Bring the tools ‘out of the box’! They make fine art tools…or is that tools for fine art?

We used BioColors.

   If I had a Hammer ♫

Safety glasses,hammer and golf tee nails.

Hammering "Nails"         


Along with the planes, trains, and automobiles add a couple pieces of roof gutter to your block area for this theme. Road maps and traffic signs are good additions to the environment for this theme. You might have old baggage tags, subway tickets, and bus schedules…kids love this stuff!

           Father’s Day

They really look nice in white. The kids can make or buy a gift to put in the bag, decorate the tie and teachers can fold the bag.

Fold and cut paper lunch bag as shown. Looks nice with white bags too.

Put together a tie.

Put your gift inside, refold, and add tie.

           I Scream , You Scream…

Ice Cream!
These make nice decorations for your Ice Cream Social!

Equal parts shaving cream + glue mixed with a few drops of paint makes fluffy “ice cream”!

We All Scream For
Ice Cream!

Add the cone and hang!


Just simple rectangles with rounded corners and popsicle sticks.

We added scratch & sniff stickers!