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Posted by on May 12, 2017 in Blog, May Themes |

Kids ❤️ Emojis

Kids ❤️ Emojis

This is a teacher made game for school aged kids. They’ll love it because kids ❤️ emojis.

Phone Game

Kids ❤️ Emojis  Grab an emoji bandana or scarf for a blindfold and play just like pin the tail on the donkey! First put together the phone on poster board. Next the poster can be laminated or use clear contact paper to cover it. This is going to a hit at kids parties because kids ❤️ emojis!

Next add the icons across the top. Here I added the three bars icon and the battery icon with a metallic sharpie marker.

Blind- folded kids would feel around for Velcro so we decided to just use tape circles on our imojis.

The icons are free at Click on her freebie page and find the emojis party post, scroll to the bottom of that page for free patterns you can print. Seriously kids ❤️ emojis!

Emoji Masks

Kids ❤️ Emojis  A basket of these little masks is great fun for kids this age. Hot glue or just tape them to craft sticks.

Kids ❤️ Emojis Rice Treats

These are almost too cute to eat!         From