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Posted by on Oct 30, 2017 in Autumn, Blog, Fall, Halloween, October Themes |

Last Minute Preschool Halloween Ideas

Last Minute Preschool Halloween Ideas

Some of these last minute preschool Halloween ideas just came to me today! Talk about last minute…tomorrow is Halloween!

Sorting By Two Attributes

Last Minute Preschool Halloween Ideas  Spider webs in shoe boxes. The pic doesn’t show it very well but there are cards in front of each box with spider/fly on one side and orange/black on the other side. The flies are just a printed pic of a realistic fly laminated and cut out. They are stuck onto the ribbon web with scotch tape. Kiddos grab a spider or fly and sort. 


Last Minute Preschool Halloween Ideas  Stirring our brew. Black paydough. See recipe below.


      Marble painting spider webs and handprint spiders! I cut out “web shapes” the children marble painted with white paint. Later we painted handprint spiders. This is achieved by turning the paper after the first handprint is done. Then overlapping the palms so the fingers stick out on both sides. Let it dry and cut them out

Dramatic Play

   Last Minute Preschool Halloween Ideas  Masking tape web on a window and table. On the window (actually our door to the playground) I used masking tape first and then added double sided tape to some of the web to make it sticky like real web.