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March Preschool Themes

March Themes: Dr Seuss • Shamrocks • Circus •Wind & Kites • Pirates

Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss’ birthday is March 2nd! Celebrate with these fun activities and more at Dr. Seussville

thing 1,2,3, display           thing 1,2,3                    Thing 1 and Thing 2                                               

 Thing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…                                                     

It took a few years of doing this to perfect it and do it the most efficient way. I had been doing a three step process with each hand and was doing two hands for every child! Way too much. So I finally figured out that I could do this on a long strip of white and do one for each child. So it has evolved into a much simpler and more fun project. Now we can have fun! 

First we the thumb, index, and “tall man”, and pinky, red and leave ring finger unpainted. Don’t paint the center of the palm but paint around the perimeter. Print that on the paper, fingers pointing down. Next, directly above that print paint the fingers blue and print the hair.

Continue with this across your length of paper until every child has a turn. When they’re dry add the features with a sharpie. We wrote “Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3, Thing 4…up to 17! Too cute.

Cat In The Hat Patterns

Pattern Hats       Seuss’ Birthday Is March 2nd

 St. Patrick’s Day

Shamrock Hearts

March Themes  These are the pretty 4 leaf clovers made from green peppers!

March Theme  The pesky leprechaun left a mess!


Cotton Candy

Glue & shaveing cream  070  Mix equal parts shaving cream and school glue with a few drops of paint to make a puffy paint that stays puffy when dry! 

 Cotton Candy Colors

 Cotton Candy -shaving cream, glue & a drop of paint       Kids paint it on thick and add a cone cup or rolled up newsprint for a cone shaped handle. 


     Start with white paper "bag"   Popcorn I cut white paper bags in half so one bag makes two projects. Kids glue red stripes and add scrunched up yellow and white tissue paper for popcorn.


Popcorn & Cotton Candy

   Circus Tent   Our tent has lasted for years! 


Clown Ruffle Necklace                                 Glue On Pom Poms                                                                                                  Color your paper plate and cut across one side to make it possible to wear it like a necklace. We add clown costumes to our dress up area. The kids love painted faces, animal crackers, and 3 and three ring (3 hula hoops) circus acts! We watch kid friendly circus videos like this one.


Pirate Ship   ship    Our Ship! We cut and taped together boxes from Home Depot to make a ship. The kids painted it black. We added a skull and crossbones flag and a steering wheel. We made telescopes to use when looking for land. “LAND HO,”

March Themess     Hats & Hooks! These hooks are just tinfoil scrunched up and bent into a hook shape. Then you stick the hook through a hole in the bottom of a paper cup.

March Themes  Our treasure map is specific to our school, yours should be too. This always inspires map making in the art area too.

March Themes   March Themes X marks the spot!

Wind & Kites

March Themes  March Themes  Wind Bags from Steven Spangler Science Kits and flying real kites!
Windbags – 32 Pack
from: Steve Spangler Science
March Themes  March Themes These mini kites can really fly!