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May Preschool Themes

Birds * Mother’s Day * Flowers * Gardening * Insects

The month of May becomes a bit busier because where we live the weather finally breaks and we spend more time outside! These are our May Preschool Themes.


Feathers For Lunch (puppet)

Feathers For Lunch   This was actually an author study on Lois  Ehlert.  The bird puppet is made as a prop to use with her story Feathers For Lunch.  Really this puppet isn’t that hard to make but  it’s so impressive when you bring him out!   Pattern available for free, soon at Printables!

Handprint Baby Birds

Fingerprint Baby Birds        Baby bird handprint  These handprint baby birds are just as cute as can be, and so easy to make. Just print hand, wait till dry add faces and wings. Your nest can be made from 1/2 small paper plates (as shown). Children could glue on crumbled shredded wheat for a more rustic effect, yarn could work too. 

Mothers’ Day

Mothers' Day Basket   “A tisket a tasket, a green and yellow basket…”   Give Mom a  basket of flowers for Mother’s Day! For younger children you can bring a supply of flowers cut from nursery catalogs. Older kids can cut out their own. Find and print the basket pattern at Printables!   Before you glue flowers though, use a green plastic strawberry  quart box dipped in brown paint to print a weaved design onto the basket.  Add a bow and message, Mom will love it!

Flowers for Mom (photo)

    Pot of sand-

    “Silk” Flowers                       

    Kids arrange flowers, teachers take pics & frame for Mom’s Day!


This Daffodil pattern is free on the Printables! page.

  Water colors, cupcake liners, construction paper and a few dabs of glue you’ll have bunches of yellow daffodils.

  We will use these on our spring bulletin board. After the initial project is done the supplies are left in the art center for open ended exploration.

More Daffodils

  dafodill painting  Help your children learn to really appreciate the beauty of Spring.  Take a close look at the earliest flowers to come up in your neighborhood. Talk about the color of the flower and the shapes of the petals and stem. Let them touch gently. Offer the necessary paints, paper, brushes and explain that they are to paint a picture of the flower onto their paper (I’ve seen kids paint directly onto the flower)!                                                                                                                                                                                       


Seed in hand   A seed in the hand…

seeds in bag   Put seed into zip lock bag with damp paper towel and zip sealed, hang in sunny window observe.

Germinating seeds in window  Tape on windows in the sunshine is not a great idea. The adhesive stuck to the window had to be removed with a razor. The seeds sprouted, and in no time we were planting!

seed stages  The sprouted seed is ready to plant.

plannting with preschoolers   Gardening with 3 year olds can be fun!



   Let a bug crawl on you first the kids will do it too!  They’re learning about different insects and how to be gentle.

   Spiders don’t really count as insects but the bugs caught in the webs do! If you’re sure a web is no longer a spider’s’ home, you can capture a web with dark construction paper and aerosol hair spray. Gently rest the paper behind the web and spray with hairspray. Use a sweeping motion as you would when spray painting an object. This web is still being used so we only took a photo.