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Posted by on Apr 28, 2019 in Art, Blog, Mother’s Day, Spring |

Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day   M🖐M 

Mother’s Day  The teacher used masking tape to spell Mom. She had the child paint over the tape and when it was dry she removed the tape. 

Handprints For Mom

   This simple heart planted in a pot is so cute for a first Mother’s Day.

Handprints and Hearts for Mom  This flower pot took a bit more work! Four handprints and the cute little poem in the middle make this flower great for babies to give to their mom on their first Mother’s Day

Handprints and Hearts  Tiny little bugs on the finger tips. Very cute.

Mother’s Day  Bejeweled poem for mom.

Old School Ideas

These ideas are tried and true old school Mothers Day cards and gifts.

Tea and flowers for MomOriginally the poem was mimeographed and glued inside the tea pot with a tea bag stapled inside. My little tea pot is very fragile some 30 years later! Cut these out so the handle is the fold.”

Flower Basket

Tea and Flowers for Mom  These flowers baskets are perfect for young toddlers to put together. Cut out enough for each in your care.

You’ll need Have lots of flowers cut from magazines, seed packets, or seed catalogs. You’ll also need a plastic strawberry quart container. The one we used has a grid almost. Like this… Quart basket .

You’ll also need brown paint and a paper plate or small tray used for the paint. Glue sticks or glue bottles will also be needed.

Begin by having the child dip the strawberry basket into the brown paint and the print it onto the basket cut out. Have the children do this several times to give the effect of a woven basket.

Next have the kids glue on flowers of their choice, keeping the handle free of any flowers.

Finish with a little bow on the handle. (Not shown)

Now let it dry and sign the back with a Mother’s Day message.