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Oct. Preschool Themes

[heading style=”2″]Autumn • Fire Prevention • Pumpkins • Halloween[/heading] 

Free patterns at Printables!

Favorite Books for October:


This book is so fun! We’re Off To Find The Witch’s House by Mr. Krieb  It’s  just scary enough…but not too much suspense! If you see it, pick up the audio cd to read along with. The sound effects are very cute. This is a great book!


The kids can collect the chestnuts for the game. Squirrel away your chestnuts for another fun activity latter in the month!

A fun poem to act out is called “I Like To Rake The Leaves”   I like to rake the leaves, into a great big hump! (pretend to, or actually, rake leaves) I stand back, bend both knees, and jump!

Fire Prevention

Stop Drop & Roll -Use 1 circle of tape to stick "fire" to shirt. When child rolls it pulls off.  Stop Drop & Roll. Cut out construction paper “fire”. Stick it to kids’ back with a single tape circle. As the kids Stop, Drop & Roll the fire is put out.

911 call  Cell Phone 911 – Teach children to push 9 1 1 CALL. Use this flannel board cell phone mockup to practice.


October can be tricky. Be aware that  not all parents want their child to participate in the Halloween ritual. Begin asking parents early in the month how they feel about Halloween. This will give teachers time to plan accordingly.  There are many different reasons parents might not want their child to participate in Halloween activities. Some may hold cultural or religious beliefs that preclude these activities. Others may be concerned that their child might become frightened. Show respect for your families by being responsive to their preferences. Some years every family will participate in Halloween activities. Other years you’ll celebrate harvest time, dress up week, or a theme that you all agree on.

Turn Pumpkins Into Jack-O-Lanterns!

Free patterns at Printables!

Remember those chestnuts you squirreled away earlier this month? If you can still find them bring them to the art table and use them for your marble painted spiderwebs.