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Parents Start Here!                                                                                                                                                                                             Finding a preschool or child care center can be a stressful undertaking if you’re not prepared. With summer winding down it may already be too late for some to find a spot in their most desired center or preschool! Parents need to plan ahead and submit applications early for those most coveted or exclusive schools. Here are just a few things parents need to consider when looking for outside-of-home:

Safety inside a facility and out. Trip hazards, fall zones, outdated or broken equipment are just a few things parents can watch out for in child care centers.  

License is in good standing with no enforcements (penalties from the state). Every state has a licensing agency, inquire-   it’s worth the time to check for a license!

Accreditation is  a voluntary, center wide, rigorous, assessment of child care programs by a national accrediting agency like The National Association for Early Childhood Education for example.        

Location, location , location! Parents need to decide if they want their children close to home or work. *Cost can be a big factor in how parents make child care decisions. Planning ahead financially is always a good idea!  

Reputation, is arguably the most important consideration when evaluating child care. Word-of-mouth is really the only way to learn a center’s reputation. Parents who actually use the services offered at a particular preschool or day care center are the best judges of the place.
                                                                                Licensed and Accredited Centers Parents Need To Know The Difference

You wouldn’t  take your child to an unlicensed doctor or dentist!
Learn what you need to know about child care licenses here.

Take it to the next level! The highest quality child care centers and preschools are licensed and nationally accredited.

Learn what you need to know about child care center accreditation here.

Here is what you need to know about family child care accreditation.

Links to child care in major metro areas around the country: