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Posted by on Jan 13, 2017 in Art, Blog, January Themes, Winter |

Polar Bears and Igloos

Polar Bears and Igloos

Polar Bears and Igloos

Polar Bears

Polar Bears & Igloos   This theme is called Polar Bears and Igloos. First print out a class supply of this bear. The children will paint over this, then remove it, creating negative space. Check out our polar bear and igloo display!

Polar Bears & Igloos  Next wet the finger paint paper. Don’t forget this important step.
Polar Bears & Igloos  Kids can do this part. We want the children to learn new art techniques. Teachers demonstrate and guide.

Polar Bears and Igloos  Lay the polar bear cut out on the wet paper. The bear cut out becomes flimsy when wet. Children might need some help with this step.

Finger Painting Over Polar Bear  Kids finger paint over the whole paper. Here’s the fun part!

Polar Bears & Igloos  Finally while the paint is still wet peal way the polar bear cutout. Children might need some help with this part too. Don’t throw away the bear cut outs, they look cool in your display too!


Polar Bears & Igloos  How will you display your polar bear negative space art? We added them as a back drop to an arctic play center. Tiny wooden penguin, plush baby seals, polar bears, and indigenous people all get a spot on the table thats been covered with white felt “snow”.  If you’re feeling really ambitious you can try putting together one of these igloos!