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Posted by on Apr 6, 2014 in April Themes, Blog, Blog, Gardening With Kids, May Themes |

Preschool Gardening

Preschool Gardening


Here in the north east our outdoor growing season has yet to begin. If you live anywhere near the great lakes it’s going to be a while yet because of those frozen lakes. Here at preschool though, we began germinating seeds to prepare for when the season does begin.

Seed in hand   A seed in the hand…

seeds in bag   Put seed into zip lock bag with damp paper towel and zip sealed, hang in sunny window, and observe.

Germinating seeds in window  Tape on windows in the sunshine is not a great idea. The adhesive stuck to the window had to be removed with a razor. The seeds sprouted, and in no time we were planting!

seed stages  The sprouted seed is ready to plant.

plannting with preschoolers  Gardening with 3 year olds can be fun!

Indoor Gardening