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Posted by on Apr 4, 2014 in April Themes, Blog, Child Care Product Review, Blog, Product Review |

Product Review – Imaginarium Wooden Block Sets

Imaginarium Blocks     Imaginarium    These are basic small building blocks. The set of 75 is a great starter set for children 3 and up. These are not “unit” blocks that are made in universal sizes. These high quality blocks are more for table use than floor builds.  Children fully enjoy playing with these blocks. Reasonably priced at $16.99 from Toys R Us these are a great value.

Block play develops in stages. For example infants and toddlers explore blocks with all of their senses. By age 2 toddlers can build horizontally and vertically, stacking a few blocks.  Check out a basic explanation of these stages on this PDF from Montana State Library.

Mirror & Blocks  Blocks on mirrors is an engaging activity that kids will love again and again. Adults can add different blocks to the tray each time they offer it. Try only two different shaped blocks and encourage pattern making. Another time you might offer only blue blocks and so on.