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Posted by on May 30, 2017 in Blog, May Themes |

School Fair Games

Many churches, schools, and child care centers put together lawn fetes or children’s fairs for their big year end fund raiser. This post shows some of the ways we brought our school fair games into our classroom the week before out actual fair. The kids had a great time!


School Fair Games Ticket Booth  Our ticket booth is an old play storefront. With a few leftover tickets from our actual fair the fair goers had a great time!


image  Two tickets for fish bowl toss game. For this game I just put plastic disposable cups in our sensory table. Every other cup or so got a little plastic fish. Each player gets 2 pin pong balls to toss. Every player wins a snack bag of Swedish Fish.

image One ticket to catch a fish. Each player works to catch 5 fish. Each player wins a snack bag of Goldfish.

School Fair Games Face Painting  One ticket to get your face painted. Kids love this even if you’re not very practiced at it!

Every one wins a prize after their first try. We bought our prizes Dollar Tree.