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Posted by on Aug 25, 2016 in Blog, Pre-School Teachers, Teaching Strategies |

How Teachers Prepare For First Day Of Preschool


Teacher Prep

This article will show how teachers prepare for first day of preschool. Many preschools and kindergartens begin classes a week or two after the “official” start of school. Even if yours has begun there are many helpful hints here to help you in the early part of the year.

All teachers preparing for the first day of preschool know how tough it can be. You know I certainly can’t take all the pain away but I can offer some ideas and maybe some advice to lessen (not lesson 😉 the pain of prepping for the first day of preschool. After all the meetings, in-service trainings, parent/teacher conferences…there’s still a classroom to prepare! Teachers who have had the summer off will usually have two or three days (children free) to open their classrooms and prepare for the new year. There are many preschool teachers who run year round programs. These teachers will have very little time to remove all the vestiges of this year’s class before welcoming new children and families. These are the teachers I’ll be focused on here.

Getting Organized

Most preschool teachers won’t have assigned seating arrangements, text books, or guided readers to set up. Preschool teachers do, often times, have complicated daily schedules (yes for the children!), room rearrangement, materials and equipment to rotate, and individual medication/allergy lists and procedures to compile. In an effort to help you get organized I’ll share some of the things I use year after year to stay on top of the chaos.

Sending home all the children’s art work while they’re still making new masterpieces is futile. We close our art center for a day about a week before the close of our program. We put away all the more complicated tools and supplies like hole punches and water colors and bring out the simpler items. The children are generally enthusiastic to use some of the old standards. With glue and paint off the shelf every piece of art made during that last week goes home the same day. New rule: No saving work, no drying rack…put it in your cubby!

One of the things you can do with this year’s children in the room is hang boarders and bulletin boards. These are quality boarders for $1.

Bulletin Board Boarders Teacher first Day

Your older more mature, end of the year students will enjoy helping prepare for the new little ones. They might make tape circles, measure border strips, or hold the tape measure. I’m sure you can find many ways for your current class to help you prepare your displays.

Preparing files that will be sent to the next teacher is a critical step in getting organized for the coming year. My advice is to get this squared away ASAP to save from doing paperwork when you have a classroom of new kiddos to tend to. Color coded file folders can be helpful. Getting any other paperwork like, class lists, schedules, and job charts done ahead of time will save you a lot of stress later.

Color Coded File Folders Teacher First Day

These folders are great for making file folder games too! has many file folder game ideas.

Help Them Help Themselves

All children want and need to feel they are capable of big things. All of us, even the grown ups, need confidence, so we can succeed. That success builds our confidence. Having a ‘can do’ attitude is the best way to start the year. Anything you can set up that gives the children opportunities to do things for themselves will help them develop this kind of ‘can do’. Meal times are a great place to offer these opportunities.

Baskets For Preschool

Children can grab their own cups, napkins, spoons, or whatever you put in this tray. Children can set tables from items you place in the tray. They feel like big kids when they can do things for themselves.
How teachers prepare for the first day of preschoolGive your children a boost and save your back with this sturdy step stool. This great stool will give your children the ability to reach sinks, and help at counters.