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Posted by on May 2, 2018 in Art, Blog, May Themes, Mother’s Day |

Tea and Flowers for Mom

Tea and Flowers for Mom

Tea and Flowers for Mom

Going old school with these two cute Mothers Day gifts saved from years gone by. Your preschoolers can make tea and flowers for Mom.

Little Tea Pot

Tea and flowers for MomOriginally the poem was mimeographed and glued inside the tea pot with a tea bag stapled inside. My little tea pot is very fragile some 30 years later! Cut these out so the handle is the fold.”

Flower Basket

Tea and Flowers for Mom  These flowers baskets are perfect for young toddlers to put together. Cut out enough for each in your care.

You’ll need Have lots of flowers cut from magazines, seed packets, or seed catalogs. You’ll also need a plastic strawberry quart container. The one we used has a grid almost. Like this… Quart basket .

You’ll also need brown paint and a paper plate or small tray used for the paint. Glue sticks or glue bottles will also be needed.

Begin by having the child dip the strawberry basket into the brown paint and the print it onto the basket cut out. Have the children do this several times to give the effect of a woven basket.

Next have the kids glue on flowers of their choice, keeping the handle free of any flowers.

Finish with a little bow on the handle. (Not shown)

Now let it dry and sign the back with a Mother’s Day message.


This is a nice flower we call dandelion. Make a wish Mom!

Tea and Flowers for Mom  This is finger print art. Have the child dip their index finger in black paint to make the stem. The teacher offers the child two or three different colors of paint, and help them make finger rip ts to resemble the seeds getting blown. Very cute!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Posted by on May 30, 2017 in Blog, May Themes |

School Fair Games

Many churches, schools, and child care centers put together lawn fetes or children’s fairs for their big year end fund raiser. This post shows some of the ways we brought our school fair games into our classroom the week before out actual fair. The kids had a great time!


School Fair Games Ticket Booth  Our ticket booth is an old play storefront. With a few leftover tickets from our actual fair the fair goers had a great time!


image  Two tickets for fish bowl toss game. For this game I just put plastic disposable cups in our sensory table. Every other cup or so got a little plastic fish. Each player gets 2 pin pong balls to toss. Every player wins a snack bag of Swedish Fish.

image One ticket to catch a fish. Each player works to catch 5 fish. Each player wins a snack bag of Goldfish.

School Fair Games Face Painting  One ticket to get your face painted. Kids love this even if you’re not very practiced at it!

Every one wins a prize after their first try. We bought our prizes Dollar Tree.

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Posted by on May 14, 2017 in Art, May Themes, Mother's Day Flowers |

Handprints and Hearts for Mom

Handprints and Hearts for Mom

Handprints and hearts are the unifying theme this (and every) year so here are our Handprints and Hearts for Mom. Many kids enjoy painting their hands others not so much. For those who rather not tracing their hand is less traumatic.


Handprints and Hearts for Mom  Simple enough, this handprint is at once a sunshine and a letter “O”!

Handprints and Hearts for Mom This is known as “negative space” art. Use painters (masking) tape on the blank sheet of paper to spell out the word mom. I’m not sure how these teachers got the letter “O” so round but it looks great!

Handprints and Hearts for Mom  More handprints and flowers.


Handprints and Hearts For mom  This tradional painted flowerpot with both handprint and heart!

Handprints and Hearts  Stenciled “Mom” with heart for the “O”. This is really cute.

Handprints and Hearts for Mom  This pretty bejeweled poem is so cute mom will love it!

Handprints and Hearts for Mom  Wrap it up!

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Posted by on May 12, 2017 in Blog, May Themes |

Kids ❤️ Emojis

Kids ❤️ Emojis

This is a teacher made game for school aged kids. They’ll love it because kids ❤️ emojis.

Phone Game

Kids ❤️ Emojis  Grab an emoji bandana or scarf for a blindfold and play just like pin the tail on the donkey! First put together the phone on poster board. Next the poster can be laminated or use clear contact paper to cover it. This is going to a hit at kids parties because kids ❤️ emojis!

Next add the icons across the top. Here I added the three bars icon and the battery icon with a metallic sharpie marker.

Blind- folded kids would feel around for Velcro so we decided to just use tape circles on our imojis.

The icons are free at Click on her freebie page and find the emojis party post, scroll to the bottom of that page for free patterns you can print. Seriously kids ❤️ emojis!

Emoji Masks

Kids ❤️ Emojis  A basket of these little masks is great fun for kids this age. Hot glue or just tape them to craft sticks.

Kids ❤️ Emojis Rice Treats

These are almost too cute to eat!         From


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Posted by on Apr 6, 2014 in April Themes, Blog, Blog, Gardening With Kids, May Themes |

Preschool Gardening

Preschool Gardening


Here in the north east our outdoor growing season has yet to begin. If you live anywhere near the great lakes it’s going to be a while yet because of those frozen lakes. Here at preschool though, we began germinating seeds to prepare for when the season does begin.

Seed in hand   A seed in the hand…

seeds in bag   Put seed into zip lock bag with damp paper towel and zip sealed, hang in sunny window, and observe.

Germinating seeds in window  Tape on windows in the sunshine is not a great idea. The adhesive stuck to the window had to be removed with a razor. The seeds sprouted, and in no time we were planting!

seed stages  The sprouted seed is ready to plant.

plannting with preschoolers  Gardening with 3 year olds can be fun!

Indoor Gardening

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